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A Two-Day Program Designed to

Expand Your
Presence & Grow
Your Practice

Presented by:
Mark J. Tager, MD
Shilpa Saxena, MD
Erik Lundquist, MD
Tahl Humes, DO
Robert John Hughes
Ron Hartley

DATES 2017



Amplify Your
Multiply Your Income.

You want concrete, tangible skills, and data-driven results. You want to inspire both confidence and competence, as you begin to build a better and bigger business. You want to establish yourself as a thought leader and pioneer in the healthcare community.

Our course addresses four principle objectives:


Attract The Patients You Want

  • Become noticed, known, and remembered
  • Identify your ideal patient base
  • Create a prominent, positive, and pro-active brand
  • Harness your website capabilities
  • Leverage the power of social media
  • Use video & media to effectively deliver messages

Add New Profit Centers To Your Business

In a world of unlimited possibilities, discover which products and services would profit and benefit your practice.

  • Integrate nutraceuticals/cosmeceuticals into
    your practice
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of different offerings
  • Learn from lessons and experiences of colleagues
  • Assist your staff in selling new offers
  • Explain the benefits of new services to patients
  • Add lab services that patients require

Optimize Your Income

By restructuring and reshaping your practice, bring new revenue sources into your business, and reduce any financial stresses/burdens.

  • Identify the best model for your practice
  • Understand cash pay, hybrid, concierge, membership, telemedicine, and shared visit structures
  • Solve the financial leaks in your practice
  • Communicate the value of cash pay Incentivize your staff for consistently proactive and pro-quality performance

Exceed Patient Expectations

By creating a base of loyal patient promoters, you can easily build your business without spending extra resources and dollars. Fill your appointment schedule through word of mouth.

  • Deliver consistent benefits to patients
  • Learn to communicate with different types of
  • Use motivational interviewing for better
  • Extend your influence with the implementation
    of educational videos
  • Build referral/testimonial strategies into practice

Are you using the best patient conversion tool?

It's video. You will be coached to create a 'welcome to my practice' video that highlights the benefits patients will achieve by coming to see you.

Who Should Attend?

Any practitioner of any discipline seriously interested in growing their practice.

Support staff who can help implement the skills and techniques taught in this course.

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Training Program Schedule

Your Faculty

A4M Practice Enhancement Training Mark J. Tager, MD

Mark J. Tager, MD

Chief Enhancement Officer, ChangeWell Training Academy, San Diego, California

A4M Practice Enhancement Training Shilpa P. Saxena, MD

Shilpa P. Saxena, MD

Medical Director, SevaMed Institute, Tampa Bay, Florida

A4M Practice Enhancement Training Erik Lundquist, MD

Erik Lundquist, MD

Medical Director, Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine, Temecula, California

A4M Practice Enhancement Training Tahl Humes, DO

Tahl Humes, DO

Medical Director, Vitahl Medical Aesthetics, Denver, Colorado

A4M Practice Enhancement Training Robert John Hughes

Robert John Hughes

Chief Strategy Officer, ChangeWell Training Academy, San Diego, California

A4M Practice Enhancement Training Ron Hartley

Ron Hartley

Business Relationship Manager, Solutionreach Inc., Lehi, Utah

What to Bring

  • Printouts from your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any advertising materials
  • A fully-charged device capable of recording video (mobile phone or tablet)
  • Send links to any videos you have of yourself in advance to (We will analyze them.)
  • You are highly encouraged to bring a staff member who can help you implement many of the tactics you learn in this program

Working in small group teams, you will present and receive feedback about how your brand projects in the marketplace.