Through close partnerships and collaborations, A4M/MMI seeks to further redefine the landscape of modern medicine. By establishing these associations with noteworthy, recognized organizations and establishments, we can collectively further educational awareness, and teach practitioners best practices in integrative care.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine gratefully acknowledges our affiliates. For more information on partnership opportunities, please email [email protected] or call 561.997.0112.

International Affiliates

A4M Brasil With the increasing demand for functional and integrative medicine education in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries, A4M is collaborating with Dr. Edson Peracchi and H4H Institute in Brasil to translate A4M's Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine, as well as hosting their first ever conference in Brasil in 2021.

A4M Dubai A4MDubai is the first accredited academic entity in the region dedicated to the continuous professional development of medical doctors and healthcare practitioners in the field of anti-aging medicine.

The A4MDubai Aesthetic Medicine program offers licensed physicians online and hands-on training and in-depth workshops with A4M accreditation and DHA approved CME’s led by A4M’s International Director of Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Maria Angelo-Khattar.

A4M Russia Delivered in partnership with R-Pharm Compound- a Russian-based, leading innovator in health technology, compounding pharmaceuticals, and personalized medicine- A4M Russia will include the annual holding of an international A4M/MMI conference with the participation of world-class clinicians, researchers, and thought leaders.  Additionally, the partnership with R-Pharm Compound will include the Russian translation of the esteemed A4M/MMI Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine.  Ultimately, A4M Russia will be dedicated to equipping the most innovative clinical education in the fields of preventive and anti-aging medicine to clinicians in Russia and surrounding regions.

Developed in partnership with Dr. BK Modi, a successful business and social entrepreneur and a global thought-leader who launched the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging centre and the Modi Yoga Retreat as a part of his living "Happy & Healthy Beyond 100" philosophy. A4M-India is a continuation of collective efforts to advocate breakthrough transformations in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare. With the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre’s and Modi Yoga Retreat's focus on long-term solutions through integrative approaches including regenerative medicine techniques, plant-based nutraceuticals, hormonal therapies, and lifestyle support & recommendations, India is well poised to become a designated hub of integrative wellness and proactive healthcare

With the ultimate goal of enhancing the health and well-being of Taiwan’s patient population, REDOX Integrative and Functional Medicine Center provides comprehensive services including innovative functional testing, research-based nutritional supplements, customized compounding, and health management programs. In partnering with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Ou and the REDOX Integrative and Functional Medicine Center will help further the A4M mission to Taiwan.

With over 30 years of research & development, commercial manufacturing, physician education and scientific expertise in Biological Regenerative Medicine, the European Wellness International Group ( which is spearheaded by Professor Sri' Dr. Mike Chan and his team of elite academicians, clinicians, and scientists are proud to be the strategic A4M partner for Thailand. EW Villa Medica Bangkok ( is strategically poised as the flagship Asian hub for Aesthetic Medicine and Biological Regenerative Medicine providing only the best Swiss and German biomedical solutions to its global clientele.

A4M Saudi Arabia Hybrid conference and workshop provides delegates with academic, scientific and clinical knowledge surrounding anti-aging as an evolving branch of medical science and applied medicine. Led by eminent, internationally recognized experts, this event combines the latest in biotechnology with advanced clinical preventive medicine aimed towards early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases. A4MSaudiArabia features a highly interactive and innovative multidisciplinary program tailored to foster an exchange of expertise, educate and facilitate networking opportunities for physicians from every medical discipline and allied health professionals.

Educational Affiliates


With the understanding that knowledge empowers, our mission at HeartMD Institute is to educate patients and medical professionals alike about integrative medicine, with special focuses on metabolic cardiology and energy medicine. Additionally, HeartMD Institute aims to inspire a restructuring of the doctor/patient relationship where together, both actively participate in the patient’s healing process. The pervading philosophy at HeartMD Institute is prevention is easier than cure.

The North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS)

The North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS) is a non-profit membership society for functional/integrative medicine practitioners committed to offering safe and effective patient-centered care. Our mission is to offer clinically-based educational Grand Rounds events and an accredited continuing education annual conference to you as support to further your practice. NCIMS is dedicated to serving you, the healthcare providers striving to work in partnership with your patients to address myriad root causes of health conditions to alleviate symptoms, decrease risk of future chronic disease, and restore wellness through functional/integrative medicine approaches. Often it is through your efforts and expertise that patients experience restoration of wellness in a way that drugs and surgery cannot.

Be a part of our community of like-minded providers who share knowledge, experience, and best practices to support the practice of functional and integrative medicine. Please join us as we work together to transform the future of medicine!

International Peptide Society

The International Peptide Society (IPS) joined the Tarsus Medical Education (TME) network in August 2021. The society is the nation's premier educational resource and membership community surrounding the advancement and safe use of peptides within clinical practice. Led by the foremost researchers, clinicians and industry leaders in the field, IPS is founded on a mission to transform patient health through the use of peptide therapies. This mission aligns with TME, who provides clinicians across the globae with high quality continuing medical education that brings critical and often neglected gaps in healthcare and patient outcomes. IPS has partnered with A4M to launch a newly revised Peptide Therapy Certification. 

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) searches the world for effective, nontoxic, and low-cost alternative medical therapies. Their mission is to create a revolution in worldwide healthcare.

American Holistic Health Association

The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) is a trusted online resource dedicated to empowering individuals to enhance their health and quality of life by serving as a free, impartial clearinghouse for locating resources to support active self-care and healthy lifestyle change.

American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance

The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance is a community of pharmacy owners, pharmaceutical experts and professionals dedicated towards the recognition and advancement of the specialized industry pharmacy, patient care & pharmaceutical purchasing. At APPA, we strive to represent a collective and unmistakable voice.

National Association of Environmental Medicine

The National Association of Environmental Medicine (NAEM) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by Dr. Walter Crinnion and a small team of expert clinicians. NAEM is a community hub for environmental medicine clinicians focused on the most up-to-date education. We offer health care providers resources and education so they can help patients with environmentally-driven disease.

National Association of Environmental Medicine

Founded in 2017, the Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance is the first association representing pharmacists in functional medicine, with over 3,000 pharmacists in their community. FMPhA supports members practicing functional medicine across all pharmacy settings by uniting leaders in the field to provide continuing education, business training, networking events, and advocacy.

ISEAI: International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness

ISEAI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit professional medical society that aims to raise awareness of the environmental causes of inflammatory illnesses and to support the recovery of individuals affected by these illnesses through the integration of clinical practice, education, and research.

Florida Association of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics represents food and nutrition experts in Florida with a focus on Optimizing Floridians' health through food and nutrition.

The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding

The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding is the voice for pharmacy compounding, representing compounding pharmacists and technicians in both 503A and 503B settings, as well as educators, students, researchers, and suppliers. Compounding exists for patients and animals who are not served by traditional pharmaceutical manufacturers. Every day, APC members play a critical, often life-or-death role in patients’ lives, creating essential medications unavailable elsewhere for a range of health conditions, including autism, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, women’s health, animal health, and others. Learn more at

Media Affiliates

Bentham Science

Bentham Science is an established STM publisher of over 130 plus print and online journals and more than 800 books. Out of these, 40 journals have already registered good IMPACT FACTORS as per Journal Citation Reports® 2017. These titles have extensive readership mostly in Europe and North America. Our publications cover 20 broad disciplines with a major focus on pharmaceutical and healthcare research. Our journals are indexed in all major indexing agencies including PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics etc. You can learn about our high impact journals here. More information is available on our 2020 Media Pack. Besides, Bentham Science publishes eBooks in all areas of Science, Technology and Medicine and is available in the ePub and Kindle formats besides the PDF edition here Science is offering 20% discounts on purchasing Books and subscriptions based Journals to delegates attending the conference. TO AVAIL, QUOTE “BSPCNF2020” at or email at [email protected]. For more information click here


VuMedi is the largest content source for educational videos for healthcare professionals. Helping clinicians make optimal patient care decisions through comprehensive video education from a variety of trustworthy institutions and practitioners.


This year marks the 130th anniversary of Karger Publishers. We celebrate our achievements, the changes we have shaped, and the future challenges we are eager to take on. With our new strategy we want to connect and advance Health Sciences by putting our customers, partners, and employees in the center of everything we do, more than ever. We want to better understand their mission, their purpose, and their needs in order to create products or services that inspire. The figurative mark in our new logo is a spark made of small ribbons that reflects both future orientation as well as Karger’s ambition to connect. The spark stands for the passion with which every project, every job, and every publication starts. To celebrate our anniversary, we have hidden our main brand element – the spark – on our homepage. Touching it results in a confetti rain and gives the visitors the possibility to seek further information here and makes them aware of Karger’s 130 years of history.

Las Vegas Heals

Founded in 2002, Las Vegas HEALS (Health, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership in Southern Nevada) is a nonprofit, membership-based association whose mission is to foster strategic alliances in the healthcare community, collaborating on workforce issues, and being a proactive force for legislative initiatives to improve access and the delivery of quality healthcare. The organization now represents members who collectively employ over 28,000 healthcare professionals. Multiple task forces, councils and committees meet on a regular basis to address various issues and opportunities.

Medical Sciences

A pioneer in scholarly open access publishing, MDPI has supported academic communities since 1996. Based in Basel, Switzerland, MDPI has the mission to foster open scientific exchange in all forms, across all disciplines. Our 367 diverse, peer-reviewed, open access journals are supported by more than 115,000 academic experts who support our mission, values, and commitment to providing high-quality service for our authors. We serve scholars from around the world to ensure the latest research is freely available and all content is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).

Journals published by MDPI are fully open access: research articles, reviews or any other content on this platform is available to everyone free of charge. To be able to provide open access journals, we finance publication through article processing charges (APC); these are usually covered by the authors' institutes or research funding bodies. Read more about our open access policy.


We inspire, motivate & educate the now and the future generation of healthcare professionals.We strongly believe that easy access to medical education is the future of medical learning and that makes us create innovative learning tools to empower the knowledge and potential of medical learners.We bring together doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical students who want to spread their knowledge, experience & passion without barierrs.

MedTech Outlook

MedTech Outlook will serve to be a platform that bridges the spectrum between MedTech technology providers and the Healthcare facilities/Medical Institutes. We strive to monitor and inform about the MedTech trends, challenges and solutions. MedTech Outlooks wants to assist purchasers/procedures, decision makers and heads of operations/healthcare managers from peer vetted authoritative contributions.

The magazine will be following a unique learn-from-peer approach where the decision makers and experts will be sharing their invaluable views about medical technologies which have had an impact in providing healthcare.