Learn How to Stand Out

How to Stand Out

Tips for a Successful Show

As an exhibitor at our Annual World Congresses on Anti-Aging Medicine, we would like to offer useful tips on how to make this the most successful show yet.

Show them the value:

  • Show your customers the importance of educational sessions. Promote the value of the educational sessions to your clients or prospects, and show how the education can improve their practice.
  • Promote what’s new in the booth and tell the targeted audiences how it will help them or their patients.
  • Know your event & target ROI. Look at all variables: budget, event projected attendance, prospect to client, valuation of your client – new and for life. If you know this in advance, you will know if you have leverage to “spend” $$ on other conference opportunities to promote your company/services.
Learn How to Stand Out
Learn How to Stand Out

Promote, promote, promote:

  • Stay visible, be relevant. Post on your company calendar on your website, social media or in newsletters. Increase your visibility the most you can—where you are exhibiting and where you might be presenting! Why? Because your clients and prospects are interested in this. It demonstrates that your company and team understand the value of staying current and relevant in the industry.
  • Post on the event mobile app. Attendees are reading these strings!
  • Press release. Distribute a press release on any new product and/or service your company will be demonstrating at the show. Or, simply create a press release to say you are exhibiting at this prestigious event.

A personal touch goes a long way:

  • Personally invite the most important prospects to the event, with a pass or simply by promoting the value of the event. After all, if you are exhibiting at the event everyone needs to be at the event.
  • VIP invitations. Send clients and prospects either a printed VIP invitation or an electronic e-VIP with a fact sheet on the products/services that will be in your booth. For best results, send at least three pre-show invitations.
  • Create a “show special” that will be available only at the booth and promote it in advance. Be ready to take orders!
  • Schedule an appointment with the key prospects or clients; reserve a meeting room or create one in your booth for private conversations.
Learn How to Stand Out
Learn How to Stand Out

Get creative:

  • Have a VIP/public figure work at your booth; i.e., a specific doctor who can bring value, provide testimony to the quality of your products.
  • Get the right presenter. Do you have a “scientific thought leader” who could be a presenter? Companies don’t think about this…Get on the agenda!
  • Unique selling proposition. Convince clients and prospects to visit your booth by explaining your company’s special product or service.

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