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Redefining Medicine Podcast

Redefining Medicine Podcast

Our podcast Redefining Medicine captures the journeys and stories of healthcare practitioners and innovative visionaries, all of whom are actively changing the way medicine is practiced.

Anti-Aging Therapies and Services Market

Anti-Aging Therapies and Services Market

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Anti-Aging Video Library

Top expert healthcare professionals teach, lecture, and demonstrate different aspects of emerging Anti-Aging, integrative and functional medicine

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The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is dedicated to the advancement of technological tools and breakthrough transformations in healthcare that can detect, treat, and prevent diseases associated with aging. The A4M is further committed to educating healthcare professionals and practitioners on biomedical sciences and medical protocols through our advanced education entity: Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI). MMI provides continuing medical education (CME) and training to over 65,000 physicians and healthcare practitioners at global A4M conferences and events, in addition to online CME education focused on functional, metabolic, and regenerative medical sciences.

The A4M promotes the research of practices and protocols that collectively have the potential to optimize the human aging process, with the development of therapeutic protocols and innovative diagnostic tools that can effectively spur longevity treatments. The organization serves as an educational hub in which healthcare practitioners can obtain the most comprehensive, effective, and current preventive treatments.