Achieving Longevity Pre-Conference Workshop

Course Description

This interactive workshop is designed for a range of skillsets and knowledge levels in hormone therapies, including both the introductory beginner and the more advanced clinician. Dr. Thierry Hertoghe—President of the International Hormone Society, and a world-renowned authority regarding longevity and Anti-Aging Medicine—will focus on teaching both the fundamental basics and more advanced topics, with specific ways to implement hormonal therapies in the clinical setting. Dr. Hertoghe will review essential hormone therapy protocols to correct nutritional and hormonal imbalances, and begin to address the root causes of diseases that can result in both physical and psychological disorders. Pre-conference sessions will not only include an interactive dialogue, but also Q&A sessions, case studies of hormone test results, and podium patient consultations: specifically, the most current clinical updates in the applications of testosterone treatment, and newly released guidelines for adjustments.



Hormones Pre Conference Workshop - December 12

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Learning Objectives

Thyroid Therapy

  • Learn about the relatively high frequency of hypothyroidism, the unsuspected illness, and the scientific studies that support existence of various intermediate degrees of hypothyroidism: accompanied by lab tests within the references ranges
  • Understand how to detect thyroid deficiency: complaints, physical signs, medical history, laboratory tests
  • Review treatments with thyroid therapy: the best preparations (T4, T3, or T3-T4 combinations), dosing, route of administration, overcoming difficulties that may occur during treatment, with specific information on how thyroid therapy partially reverses diffuse scalp hair loss (and dry, brittle hair) and face aging (puffy face with swollen eyelids, dry skin) in hypothyroid patients

DHEA Therapy

  • Learn about the frequency of DHEA deficiency, and the scientific studies in support of the existence of various intermediate degrees of DHEA deficiency
  • Understand how to detect DHEA deficiency: complaints, physical signs, medical history, laboratory tests
  • Review treatments with DHEA therapy: dosing, route of administration, overcoming potential problems during treatment

Cortisol and Aldosterone Therapies

  • Learn about the relatively unsuspected high frequency of cortisol and aldosterone deficiencies in burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid, and many other disorders, and the scientific studies that support the existence of various degrees of adrenal deficiency
  • Understand how to detect cortisol and aldosterone deficiencies: complaints, physical signs, medical history, laboratory tests
  • Review treatments with glucocorticoid and fludrocortisone treatments: the best preparations (hydrocortisone or synthetic derivatives), dosing, routes of administration, overcoming the variety of problems that may occur during treatment: including information regarding how cortisol therapy may reverse scalp hair loss in plaques and face aging (pigment spots, melisma, dark circles under the eyes, dermatitis, conjunctivitis) in adrenal-deficient patients
  • Patient cases: study of adrenal test results (protocols), on podium patient consultation

Female Hormone Therapy in Pre- & Post-Menopausal Women

  • Learn about the unsuspected high frequency of estrogen and progesterone deficiencies in pre-menopausal women
  • Understand how to detect estrogen and progesterone deficiencies: complaints, physical signs, medical history, laboratory tests
  • Review treatments with estrogen and progesterone treatments: best preparations, dosing, routes of administration (transdermal , vaginal, oral), with information on how estrogen therapy may reverse female pattern scalp hair loss (and lack of hair volume) and face aging (face paleness, dry and dull eyes, loss of femininity of the face) in estrogen-deficient women
  • Evaluate how to overcome typical hormone-related problems in women: short/prolonged menstrual cycles, heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, hirsutism, spasmodic and constant dysmenorrhea, menstrual and premenstrual headaches, premenstrual disorders, vaginal dryness, vulvar lichen sclerosis, breast and ovarian cysts, smaller breasts

Event Schedule

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

8:00 am

Introduction to Hormones

Thierry Hertoghe, MD

8:15 am

Safe Thyroid Therapy: The Many Practical Tips To Do better

Thierry Hertoghe, MD

10:00 am


10:30 am

All You Need to Know about DHEA Therapy

Thierry Hertoghe, MD

11:30 am

Safe Protocols for Cortisol and Aldosterone Therapies

Thierry Hertoghe, MD

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Recommended Protocols for Female Hormone Therapy during Pre- and Post-Menopause

Thierry Hertoghe, MD

3:30 pm


4:00 pm

2018 Update on Testosterone Treatment in Men and Women

Thierry Hertoghe, MD

5:00 pm

Interactive Question and Answer Session with On-Stage Consults

Thierry Hertoghe, MD

6:00 pm

Close of Session

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