Module VIII: Weight Management, Nutrition & Integrative Cancer Therapies


Module VIII: Weight Management, Nutrition, & Integrative Cancer Therapies will review a range of current topics in modern Integrative Medicine, including key concepts surrounding metabolism and weight loss, sports medicine, and integrative cancer therapies. Instructors will discuss the multifactorial problems involved in helping patients with weight management, with an assessment of healthy eating problems and genetic issues. Course sessions will further assess prescription drugs in cancer therapy, many of which cause nutritional depletions that are responsible for medication side effects. Participants will ultimately become well-versed in the most cutting-edge therapies and treatment modalities to treat complex disorders, while addressing the root causes and symptoms of chronic disease and learning novel therapies to better assist patients.

Upon completion of this module, the participants will:

  • Introduce and explain the concept of nutrition periodization
  • Discuss the concept of metabolic efficiency training
  • Discuss nutrient timing strategies for before, during and after exercise sessions
  • Review exercise as an effective sustainable medical therapy
  • Provide a better understanding of the latest options writing a personalized exercise prescription (strength training/endurance training)
  • Understand a personalized exercise prescription with a practical lifestyle approach, reviewing patient profiles
  • Review exercise prescription and heart rate with emphasis on how to maximize longevity results with resistance and strength training.
  • Understand diet and the approach to fat loss and lean mass retention. What works for effective weight management
  • Review the pros and cons of leading diets that consumers are moving to: From Paleo to Vegan. Discussion will include review of diets practitioners are using in practice, Ketogenic, Mediterranean elimination diets
  • Understand strategies for successful diet implementation.
  • Discuss the metabolic effect of cortisol in athletes and the subsequent disruptions in hormonal pathways
  • Review the myths and facts about sports nutrition supplementation what work and what doesn’t
  • Understand the key factors in fat loss and a practical way to identify the disruptors of metabolism that keep people from managing their body composition as they age. This discussion to include labs biometrics and subjective findings
  • Discuss mobility and stress reduction. Understanding the role of breath in nervous system regulation and how to structurally and biomechanically survive exercise and movement

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Module VIII - Weight Management, Nutrition & Integrative Cancer Therapies


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Module VIII - Weight Management, Nutrition & Integrative Cancer Therapies



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Here’s What Fellows Are Saying About Module VIII

"James LaValle is a walking encyclopedia; there is not a single course you can attend with the dynamic duo (Dr. Heyman included) that will not fill in your gaps!!! Exercise and nutrition was super exciting and informative."

- Ines Alfaro, MD

"Whole new way of thinking. As a medical school instructor, I feel that a large portion of medical education is obsolete."

- William Petersen, MD

"I enjoyed this exercise and nutrition module immensely. My colleagues have been in contact with me this weekend and all are impressed at the pearls of knowledge I excitedly tell them about. This has been the highlight of my Fellowship training so far! Thank you!"

- Michael Lupinacci, MD

"I am a pediatrician, and as such, I wasn’t thinking that the Nutrition and Exercise Module VIII would be as useful as the other modules. Boy, was I wrong. I learned so many pearls that will change my practice starting tomorrow. I got tools and ideas for supporting my obese patients, my patients with CP, my patients with chronic infections like Lyme, and my CFS/FM patients that I can/will use tomorrow. Truly, I was so blown away by the quality of the speakers that I just had to let you know. James LaValle is an excellent speaker, thinker and program organizer. I cannot say enough nice things – THANK YOU."

- Cynthia Keller, MD

"I was blown away with module 8 this weekend. I always put it off because it sounded like an easy module. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about weight loss; I was wrong. FYI, our office specifically deals with hormone and weight loss patients. Jim was an amazing lecturer with overwhelming knowledge about the topic. The speakers he brought in for lectures were very well prepared for the event. They all knew their presentation material and topics so well."

"I'm just sorry it has taken me 2 1/2 years to finally take the module. I'm thankful for how much A4M has changed my life in practice."

- Gabe Allende, DC