Module IX: Intensive Hands On Advanced Laser And Light Based Aesthetic Treatments

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Module Prerequisite: This course requires successful completion of a basic laser and light procedural course as well as a minimum six months experience utilizing laser and light-based technologies for consideration.

Upon completion of the module, the participant will:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of aesthetic energy based devices utilized in deeper skin resurfacing and combination laser treatments including Er:YAG, YSGG, CO2, and Intense Pulsed Light and the important features in device selection and their appropriate aesthetic applications
  • Understand the differences between fractional resurfacing and ablative resurfacing for aesthetic rejuvenation including indications, contraindications, patient selection, and treatment alternatives
  • Learn the risks and benefits of performing aesthetic laser and light based treatments in combination during the same treatment session for enhanced results
  • Gain experience in conducting aesthetic consultations with patients desiring intense facial rejuvenation with aesthetic devices. This includes experience in diagnosis and effective treatment planning with “best practice” standards in choosing the correct device and energy
  • Describe and utilize effective pain management techniques including forced air, topical anesthetics, and local nerve block anesthetic
  • Discuss the importance of pre procedural and post procedural cosmeceutical intervention in the enhancement of results, lessening of post recovery downtime, and prevention of adverse sequelae
  • Learn proper treatment room set-up and associated regulations for providing deep resurfacing treatments
  • Review necessary treatment forms and protocols for intense facial rejuvenation including patient information, pre and post procedural care, treatment record, and consent forms