Lifestyle Coaching Certification

There's a serious lack of patient compliance in between visits to their healthcare practitioner. They hear the advice you give but, no matter how hard they try, they don't always follow all of it. As healthcare practitioners it's our duty to give clients the necessary information to affect change both in the short term and long term. It's our obligation to make sure they follow our advice. Information needs to be delivered in a strategic, clear manner that will motivate your client to live a full, healthy life while following your advice.

The Certification in Lifestyle Coaching teaches the healthcare practitioner how to properly administer information that will positively impact clinical outcomes and improve the overall standard of care. The client needs to live a healthy lifestyle and this course teaches you how to teach your client the proper steps. It's about setting up your clients to succeed.

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What attendees have said about the course

“I attended the Lifestyle Health Coaching conference because I was interested in changing my career into something more progressive.  As I work in a medical aesthetics office and already have a client base, my patients have expressed their concerns about changing their lifestyle and through this certification I will be able to help them succeed. Eventually I plan on developing my own business...Learning the ability to educate patients on how to change their lifestyle habits to better their longer term health, is no greater gift. I left with tangible information! I would recommend this to anyone…”  

- Erin Martin from Lincoln, SouthPointe Family Physicians, P.C. Wellness & Aesthetics

Lifestyle Coaching Modules: