Board Certification

Board Certification: ABAARM and ABAAHP


Further your knowledge base in Anti-Aging Medicine and become a Board Certified Physician or Allied Health Practitioner.

Board Certification through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine provides you with the necessary tools to run a successful practice and keep up with the evolving healthcare industry.

Get Board Certified. Set Yourself Apart.

Why Become Board Certified?

Enhance your knowledge in the ever-changing clinical specialty of Anti-Aging Medicine:

The information needed to practice effectively almost doubles every 3 to 4 years. Do not compromise your skills by failing to expand your knowledge.

Strengthen your clinic's profile:

Prove your dedication to ongoing medical education with the ability to promote your credentials and knowledge in the latest area of medicine.

Demonstrate your expertise to your patients:

As more patients demand quality healthcare, there is heightened awareness to choose the most competent physician with an extensive and credentialed portfolio.

Open the doors to a new career:

As a Board Certified Practitioner in Anti-Aging Medicine, you will undoubtedly face a new world of opportunities. You will receive the training that allows you to improve patient care, as well as increase your revenue stream.