Module VI: Mitochondrial Restoration and Infections


Module VI: Mitochondrial Restoration and Infections examines the role of mitochondria in overall health, with a specific focus on loss of function in mitochondria—the organelles chiefly responsible for cellular energy production. The module will not only review general mitochondrial dysfunction and restoration, but also survey the medical literature surrounding the role of infections in the body: with specific attention to Lyme disease and toxic mold therapies. Attendees will learn how to effectively treat infections and common age-related diseases, including dementia, cardiovascular disease, fatigue syndromes, and other genetic conditions.

Upon completion of this module, the participants will:

  • Recognize disease processes that are associated with poor thyroid transport and mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Learn to evaluate and treat a patient with CFS and FM
  • Learn the numerous metabolic/anti-aging treatment modalities from fibromyalgia
  • Learn IV therapies for the treatment of fibromyalgia
  • Analyze scientific literature on the molecular pathways, disease states and clinical therapies related to mitochondrial function
  • Analyze the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of chronic and fibromyalgia
  • Review and apply concepts related to Biotoxin Illness, Lyme disease and neuroinflammation
  • Synthesize knowledge of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative conditions related to exposures, inflammation and digestive function


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Module VI - Mitochondrial Restoration


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Module VI - Mitochondrial Restoration



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Here’s What Fellows Are Saying About Module VI

"I plan on learning more and possible pursue a Master's degree in this area."

- Catherine Hickey

"Great Lectures. Really "love" how Dr Lavalle and Dr Heyman teach. Really enjoyed the cases with Dr Lavalle. Provided the global picture to disease and aging as inflammation and the body's lack of repair resources. Specifically PH Balance, mineralize, histamine status and Nutrient support!"

- David Tsai, MD