Module VI
Drivers of Immune System and Mitochondrial Dysregulation
FEB 27-29, 2019 - Los Angeles, CA

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More than 50 million individuals living within the U.S. now suffer from one or more autoimmune illness and 80% are women. Thirty years ago only one in 400 people developed an autoimmune illness but today one in 12 within the U.S. and one in nine women are diagnosed with an autoimmune illness. Currently, there are 100+ autoimmune disorders all caused by the common thread of autoimmunity. Why the radical change in incidence? Module VI will review the various etiologies of modern-day living that are skyrocketing the incidence of immune and mitochondrial dysregulation and inflammation leading to the clinical manifestations of autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain, and sleep dysregulation.


MODULE VI - Physician


MODULE VI - Allied Health


Learning Objectives

  • A review of Immunology 101
  • Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome: when the immune system is stuck in a vicious cycle and how to reverse that
  • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: the forgotten side of the immune system
  • The genetics of predisposition to autoimmunity
  • Mitochondrial Disorder: We will review the robbers of this basic cellular machinery and their impact on aging and chronic disease
  • Environmental toxins and their impact on the immune system
  • The role of heavy metals and proper elimination
  • The role of viruses, bacteria in immune dysregulation
  • The role of Lyme disease and mold in immune dysregulation
  • Gut dysregulation and its role in inflammation
  • The impact of hormones on the immune system
  • Chronic inflammation and its role in peripheral sensitization, stress, insomnia, and pain
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, total body pain syndromes, and many others

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