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  Dr. Mark S. Bezzek is triple board certified in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine. He is pending certification as a Stem Cell Specialist. Doc Bezz also serves on the medical advisory board of Life Extension Magazine, a highly regarded industry publication.

  During his years of clinical practice, Doc Bezz served his country as a member of a special forces unit in the US Air Force, reaching the rank of Major. The many trips he made to Afghanistan and Iraq helped him develop the tenacity necessary to set a goal and bring it to fruition. He brings this same laser focus and work ethic to his current work of anti-aging product development.

  In his 29 years of clinical practice, Doc Bezz has worked with a tremendous number of clients and has seen first hand the need for a fresh perspective in the approach to anti-aging.  So Doc Bezz created 7 brand new products and all 7 have received patents from the US Patent office. His patents include a multivitamin supplement, an anti-dementia/Altzhiemers formulation, a diabetes formulation, an antioxidant formulation, an eye health compilation, a men’s pro-sexual formula and an anti-aging skin cream. 

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy/ BHRT
  • Holistic Medicines
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nutraceuticals
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