ABAARM Oral Exam Information

Oral Exam Key Topics May Include:

  • Appropriate charting and record keeping (data necessary for patient’s medical record)
  • Biomarkers of aging and tests expected to be done in order to assess the aging process and effectiveness of treatment- normal values, pathophysiology of normal diseases of aging
  • Discussion of hormones, growth hormone therapy and treatment protocols, growth hormones secretagogues, DHEA, thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, and melatonin as medically relevant
  • Review of the most commonly prescribed therapies and medications
  • Discussion of nutritional supplementation, diet, exercise, and other nonpharmacological treatment options
  • Discussion of appropriate pharmacological intervention options and potential side effects of such medications

*The primary purpose of the Oral Examination is to judge fluency and clinical judgment in the application of anti-aging diagnostics and therapeutics.

**The Oral Exam seeks to ascertain the physician’s capacity to thoroughly assess a patient’s medical needs and provide judicious guidance and therapy.

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