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December 20, 2019

December 20, 2019 (Las Vegas, NV)

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Concludes the 27th Annual World Congress

Las Vegas, NV, Dec 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 27th Annual World Congress concluded on Sunday, December 15th at the Venetian/Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas. As the largest event in Anti-Aging medicine worldwide, the conference hosted thousands of the industry’s leading clinical professionals including renowned practitioners, innovative companies, and like-minded partner organizations. The annual conference boasted an extensive agenda featuring five pre-conference workshops, a brand new Aesthetics Symposium, the annual MedTech Impact on Wellness symposium, an extensive variety of session topics, and a faculty panel consisting of the foremost clinical experts and thought leaders in Anti-Aging and Integrative medicine. Rooted in a forward-focused mission to redefine modern medicine, this conference disseminated the most valuable knowledge, recent updates, and clinical expertise within Anti-Aging medicine available. The event began with five pre-conference workshops covering a broad range of topics. Led by industry’s experts, pre-conference attendees gained valuable and in-depth knowledge during workshops focused on Precision Medicine and Diabetes, Hormones and Chronic Disease, Peptides and Aging, Stem Cells, and Practice Management. In placing an emphasis on equipping practitioners with the advanced capabilities to improve clinical outcomes and enhance practice efficiency, these pre-conference workshops offered clinicians the opportunity to begin the conference with actionable knowledge ready to be integrated into practice. The congress featured three keynote speakers from a diverse range of clinical backgrounds— but each serving, in their own respective right, as a pioneering leader in a new and transformative form of healthcare. On the first day of the conference, attendees heard Dr. Anna Lembke, MD share her keynote presentation titled: “The Opioid Epidemic: From Freud to Fentanyl.” Currently serving as the program director for the Stanford Addiction Medicine Fellowship, psychiatrist Dr. Lembke, was one of the first in the medical community to sound the alarm regarding the epidemic of over-prescribing opioids. During the second day of the conference, attendees learned from Dr. Robert Pearl MD—the former CEO of Kaiser Permanente and longstanding prominent authority on healthcare culture and delivery. Dr. Pearl provided listeners with valuable and timely insight during his presentation on “Fixing American Healthcare: Structure, Reimbursement, and an Aging Population.” On the third day of the conference, Dr Louise Aronson, MD took the stage to share her presentation titled “Future of Elderhood: Life, Vitality, and Transformation.” A Harvard graduate, leading geriatrician, Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and the author of the New York Times bestseller Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, and Reimagining, Dr.Aronson is a well-respected thought leader and practitioner surrounding geriatric care and the process of aging. In questioning the status quo and pushing well-beyond traditional standards of medicine, these speakers helped lead attendees in envisioning and ultimately practicing a redefined form of medicine. The conference’s newest educational offering, The Aesthetics Symposium, provided in-depth understanding surrounding one of the most quickly expanding industries: aesthetic medicine. Hosted in partnership with the South Beach Symposium and led by aesthetic medicine experts Mark S. Nestor, MD, PhD, and Michael H. Gold, MD and anti-aging thought leader, Patrick Bitter, MD, The Aesthetic Symposium provided an in-depth and comprehensive examination of the latest advancements, novel technology, and market knowledge available within modern aesthetic medicine. The conference additionally featured the MedTech Impact on Wellness symposium, an annual educational symposium centered upon the emerging clinical value in digital health. The event hosted digital health stakeholders, clinicians, health IT executives, entrepreneurs, and researchers to promote the development of patient-centered medical technology. Speakers covered a diverse range of topics including application interoperability, telemedicine, the role of artificial intelligence in clinical decision making, and data-driven healthcare among various others. Throughout the entirety of the conference, attendees broke off into afternoon sessions highlighting an extensive variety of topics including targeted approaches to brain and pain, CBD, intermittent fasting, oncological care, gut health and much more. With over 75 educational sessions, 18 learning tracks, 9 Professional Medical Education workshops, and 10 Product Theater presentations, attendees were given the opportunity to customize their conference experience to best suit their clinical needs and interests. The conference additionally provided attendees access to an Exhibit Hall that hosted over 400 companies, showcasing key therapeutic products, devices, and services in Integrative, Anti-Aging, & Aesthetic Medicine: including pharmaceutical products and diagnostic testing, CBD, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals, digital health devices, and the most recently available medical technologies. Collectively, the companies offered attendees the opportunity to leave home with valuable resources to integrate into practices across the globe.

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