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Today’s interview on Redefining Medicine features Andrew Campbell, MD: a renowned clinician in the field of integrative health, with extensive experience treating the most complex patients. Originally trained in allopathic medicine, Dr. Campbell initially saw that training with pharmaceuticals was “not enough”—and began to investigate the impacts of molds, and underlying symptoms. While working in Houston, Dr. Campbell additionally began to treat patients that had been subjected to petrochemicals, and environmental and toxic exposures. In gaining a reputation as a clinician who could solve the most complicated cases, Dr. Campbell discusses patients he has encountered who would bring “bankers boxes of medical records and shopping bags of pills.” Yet in incorporating both integrative approaches and his more traditional training, Dr. Campbell believes that once clinicians listen carefully and ask the right questions, diagnosis and treatment becomes much more straightforward. In outlining his hopes for the future of medicine, Dr. Campbell offers suggestions for how to test for mycotoxins, and the critical necessity of publishing medical literature to document & support theories.



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