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Today's podcast on Redefining Medicine features Kathleen O'Neil-Smith, MD, FAARM. With an original background in physiology and biology as a rowing coach & athlete, Dr. O’Neil Smith ultimately graduated from Boston University magna cum laude, and subsequently completed an internship in pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital and an internship & residency in internal medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Ultimately, Dr. O’Neil Smith recognized that she needed to find interventions for optimal health, and help navigate the landscape of preventive medicine. When she experienced a personal health crisis, Dr. O’Neil Smith was forced to ‘crawl’ her way back to wellness, using functional & integrative medicine. After rebuilding and restoring her own health through nutrient applications and approaches, Dr. O’Neil Smith was introduced to A4M, and transitioned into a new practice of medicine: now committed to promoting a wellness model of medicine, versus a sickness model that approaches health from a disease-state.



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