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Today's episode on Redefining Medicine features Lyn Patrick, ND. Originally interested in the role of nutrition in human biochemistry, Dr. Patrick transitioned into the field of integrative care after experiencing dissatisfaction with the landscape of traditional, allopathic medicine. Now known as a renowned naturopathic physician with over three decades of experience, Dr. Patrick works in collaboration with several organizations and institutions to advance progressive medical education: including the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. Through her background in environmental medicine, listen to Dr. Patrick discusses the harmful, damaging effects from exposures to metals, leads, chemicals, pesticides, PCBs, and more—and their collective impact on the body’s immunological, neurological, metabolic, and cardiovascular systems. As an expert in preventive care, Dr. Patrick explores best strategies to mitigate and minimize the effects of exposure, in addition to the benefits of chelation therapy, diet & nutrition, and additional detoxification practices & protocols.



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