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This module explores how to evaluate and treat common patient presentations by synthesizing best practices from Modules I through IV. This module offers the most up-to-date information on physiological interrelationships for health care providers who are on the frontlines with patients. It addresses a clinical framework to show reciprocal relationships between the adrenals-thyroid-pancreas, gut-immune-brain, cardiopulmonary-neuro-vascular, liver-lymph-kidney, and estrogen-progesterone-testosterone systems.

The course examines patient case histories covering a range of metabolic syndromes, disorders and diseases with the ultimate goal of providing comprehensive metabolic, functional and nutritional approaches to disease management. Participants will further understand the ways in which to interpret, evaluate, and treat patients for toxic metals, neurotransmitter dysfunction, amino and fatty acid imbalances, organic acid disorders, methylation dysfunction, and other issues that arise through a variety of patient conditions in the clinical setting.

Module V


  • Examine how the TRIAD framework operates and its application to reduce metaflammation and restore metabolic resiliency
  • Discuss natural and hormonal treatment strategies for cortisol, insulin and thyroid regulation
  • Identify treatment strategies for gut-immune-brain pathologies
  • Manage patients presenting with neurocardiac and complex cardiovascular disorders
  • Apply detoxification strategies to remove toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from the body
  • Describe the role of sex hormones in the aging male and female and how to balance and replace them through natural products or hormone replacement therapy
TRIAD 1: Adrenals-Thyroid-Pancreas
TRIAD 2: Gut-Immune-Brain
TRIAD 3: Cardiopulmonary-Neuro-Vascular
TRIAD 4: Liver-Lymph-Kidney
TRIAD 5: Estrogen-Progesterone-Testosterone

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TRIADS: A System's Biology Approach
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