Module III: Neurology


Module III: Neurology explores the neuropsychological component of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine, reviewing new treatment modalities for multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological and psychiatric diseases. Instructors will discuss neurotransmitter dysfunction and its role in psychiatric illnesses and addiction. Lecturers will also evaluate therapies that help prevent and treat cognitive decline, including sleep hygiene and healthy brain function.

Upon completion of this module, the participants will:

  • Describe the energy producing ability of the mitochondria & their role in revitalizing neurological tissue
  • Recognize common neurotransmitter imbalances & how to diagnose them
  • Discuss new treatment modalities for multiple sclerosis, stroke recovery, Parkinson's disease, ALS & Alzheimer's disease
  • Recognize the parameters within the Functional Medicine Matrix that would indicate the need for attention to neurotransmitter function & identify common antecedents, triggers & mediators when an imbalance or dysfunction is suspected
  • Identify basic neurochemistry as it relates to mood & cognition
  • Outline some of the many interactions of neurotransmitters with hormonal function & dysfunction

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Module III - Neurology


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Module III - Neurology


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Module III - Neurology


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Module III - Neurology



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Here’s What Fellows Are Saying About Module III

"A4M continues to amaze me. I have now completed 4 of my 8 modules. Modules 1, 2, and 6 were all awesome, and module 3 was no different! All the speakers were great, I especially enjoyed Dr. Smith and Dr. Swidan. With this knowledge and training, I am better equipped to help patients I see on a daily basis. As a pharmacist, I see bandaids prescribed for bullet holes every single day. I am very hopeful that this information can help get people on the road to treating their actual issues rather than just a symptom. My new goal is to recruit other providers in my area to get on board with this medicine as well. Thank you A4M!"

- Andy Pottenger, PharmD

"Now I’m able to recognize and integrate every functional aspect of neurological problems in general. "

- Angel Benitez, MD

"This module greatly enhanced what's missing in traditional medical training! "

- Eva Henry

"It gave me a better understanding of how the brain works and the real significance of the different parts of the brain. "

- Vivien Newbold, MD

"I'm a psychiatrist and much of this course was immediately useful! "

- Sandra McElroy, MD