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Dr. Michelle Jeffries is a triple board-certified physician in dermatology, pediatric dermatology and integrative medicine. She has a master’s degree in psychology and is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. She is also a B.E.S.T. (Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique) & Spiritual B.E.S.T. practitioner and is currently in the process of becoming a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

Dr. Jeffries began college as a pre-med student as she seemed to always have an innate curiosity of how the human body worked and knew she was going to become a physician at a very young age. However, during her early college years she had two people very close to her pass suddenly and she shifted her focus from pre-med to psychology. She graduated from the Honors College Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Arizona State University and then went on to pursue her Master of Arts degree in Psychology.

Although she loved psychology, before she was to complete a PhD program she realized her passion for medicine never dissipated and that she had to redirect her career path towards medicine. She researched the training options available for physicians and found that she resonated most closely with osteopathic medicine’s philosophies that focus on the body’s innate ability to heal and views the body as a whole and she wanted this to be part of her medical training from day one of medical school.

Dr. Jeffries completed her osteopathic medical school training at Midwestern University – Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2005 and was Vice-President of her medical school class and voted both D.O. Student of the Year and Inspirational Student of the Year among many other accolades in medical school. She went on to complete her Dermatology residency training which included dermatology training at Mayo Clinic. She received the honorable Daniel Koprince, D.O. Educational Award for Best Resident Presentation along with several other awards and scholarships for her presentations. Dr. Jeffries was Chief Resident from 2009-2010 and completed a prestigious fellowship and subspecialty board-certification in Pediatric Dermatology at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

After her dermatology training, Dr. Jeffries continued to be a leader in dermatology locally and nationally and was the Secretary/Treasurer of both the Phoenix Dermatologic Society and Arizona Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Society, peer reviewer of the Pediatric Dermatology journal and served on committees for the Society for Pediatric Dermatology.

However, she found out early in her dermatology career that she had some health issues that she didn’t have answers to despite her extensive medical training. She sought out answers with traditional medicine, but she wasn’t able to find a resolution to her health issues. She began to look for answers outside of traditional medicine and this led her to discover the field of Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine. She was fascinated to learn all of the ways that Integrative Medicine blends together traditional medicine with alternative medicine, nutrition, herbs, supplements, natural medicine and many other modalities. It does not favor one modality or perspective over the other, but blends them together in a personalized way to find the best solution to address health issues from a holistic perspective. Integrative & Functional Medicine helped heal her health issue and she knew her next steps on her professional journey was to bring the integrative and functional medicine approach to her dermatology practice. She completed her two year fellowship and board-certification in Integrative Medicine in 2015 and became an Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner in 2017.

Dr. Jeffries journey continues as she expands into realms of the connections between our mind, body and spirit and skincare. She is a B.E.S.T. & Spiritual B.E.S.T. practitioner which is a hands-on technique promoting wellness that brings together mind/body healing which is a perfect fit to her background in psychology, osteopathic medicine, dermatology, and integrative and functional medicine. She is also in training to become a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher to further enhance the holistic wellness of her patients.

Dr. Jeffries’ unique training and background has led her to a comprehensive and holistic “inside AND out” approach to skin health called The SkinClock MethodTM. This all-inclusive skin health method blends the principles of holistic beauty with the natural health cycles of your body, universal laws of nature, ancient teachings, modern dermatology, functional nutrition, and spiritual consciousness for truly holistic skincare.

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