We often experience many phenomena working with our patients and with each one being different how can we distill down to some of the biggest underlying factors that cause the cascade of health depreciation? Aging has been studied for centuries, and recently we have accelerated our knowledge to understanding more about longevity secrets.

Due to the impact of biological processes in the body we’ve been able to identify one thing that is common across almost all disease states – and that is those individuals have a much higher percentage of short telomeres.

Telomeres as you know them, are the protective end caps of our DNA and shrink every time a cell divides and protect the cell through cellular division.  They protect the genome from nucleolytic degradation, unnecessary recombination, repair, and interchromosomal fusion. Telomeres play a vital role in preserving the information in our genome and keeping senescence at healthy levels in the body, which in turn helps us maintain a robust immune system.

Understanding Telomere biology can open many other options and impact the way you treat patients when looking at their health and longevity.  More than ever, telomere biology has become such an essential component of functional medicine care.

What you’ll learn:

Deep dive into the underlying function of telomeres beyond what you know today and understand how short telomeres relate to disease and healthy telomeres to longevity

Learn how telomeres are malleable, and understand tools to help maintain and improve their function to help define what is an actual healthy telomere length

Analyze published data on telomeres as it relates to immune, brain, hormones, metainflammation, & cardiovascular disease to better understand the importance of keeping telomeres healthy

Grasp why measuring telomere length and specific immune markers are such an important part of the longevity equation and learn how to read these tests results and apply to patient follow up

See firsthand how to easily implement testing, nutraceuticals, and other therapies into your practice

Why you should attend:

Learn longevity secrets from top industry experts

Discover new tools and protocols for immediate practice implementation

Enhance your personal knowledge and patient outcomes through interactive patient case studies

Earn CME credits


7:30 am
Basic Telomere Biology and Common Misconceptions Bill Andrews, PhD
  • Do telomeres really shorten?
  • Can telomeres really be measured accurately enough?
  • Do telomerase assays really work?
  • Why observing longer telomeres doesn’t mean that any telomeres got lengthened.
  • Why do telomeres still shorten in the presence of telomerase?
  • Do all animals suffer from telomere shortening in the same way?
8:30 am
Benefits of Lengthening Telomeres Demonstrated in Peer Reviewed Studies Ron Rothenberg, MD
  • Many nutraceuticals claim to activate telomerase – the data on what works
  • Comprehensive review of PEER reviewed medical literature on a documented effective telomerase activator
  • Conclusions and clinical implications
9:30 am
10:00 am
Cellular Senescence and Telomere Biology Joseph Raffaele, MD
  • Characteristics of a senescent cell
  • Factors involved in creating and destroying senescent cells
  • Role senescent cells in organ system and organismal aging
  • The role of telomere length senescent cell
  • Clinical measurement of senescent cell burden
  • Clinical strategies for reducing senescent cells including telomerase activation
11:00 am
Telomeres, Telomerase, and Lifestyle (NON-CME) Ron Rothenberg, MD
  • This presentation will “connect the dots” on optimal lifestyle and telomeres and health outcomes
  • We will consider nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, meditation, yoga, radiation, and environmental exposure to toxins
11:30 am
Lunch Presentation
1:00 pm
Telomerase Activity Affects More than Telomeres Ron Rothenberg, MD
  • The “canonical” effects of telomerase are well known to prevent telomere loss or extend telomere length
  • “Non canonical” effects include mitochondrial protection and may be as important as the nuclear effects
  • We will review medical literature on non-canonical effects
  • Conclusions and clinical implications
2:00 pm
Critical Role of Telomeres in Determining the Susceptibility to and Severity of COVID-19 (NON-CME)  Joseph Raffaele, MD
  • Correlation between telomere length and burden of viral infections
  • Telomere length as a risk factor for stratifying risk for COVID-19
  • Cytomegalovirus and its interplay with established risk factors for COVID-19
  • Minimum telomere length for a full T-cell response to acute SARS-CoV-2 infection
3:00 pm
3:30 pm
How Telomeres Play a Role in Brain Health and Detox Pathways Dr. Gordon Crozier
  • Understanding Neuroinflammation
  • Genetics and Neuroinflammation
  • Complexities of inflammation and telomeres
  • Treatment
  • Monitoring
4:30 pm
Why (not how) do Telomeres Shorten in Humans Bill Andrews, PhD
  • Why did we never evolve not to have telomere shortening?
  • Why did we never evolve not to get cancer?
  • Variety within a species increases its ability to survive changing environments.
  • Eliminating the Longer-Lived increases variety within a species
  • Cancer also increases variety within a species.
  • So, telomeres don’t shorten to prevent cancer – nevertheless, Antagonistic Pleiotropy is real
5:30 pm
Understanding TA-65 and Its Role with Telomeres in Your Practice, Creating a Proven Revenue Source (Non CME) Sebastian Conti (Non CME)
  • Where does TA-65 come from and what differentiates it from other products
  • How to keep track of patient progress while on TA-65
  • Knowing which tools to use and when to monitor patient usage
  • Understand dosing and when is a good time to titrate up (or down) with dosing
  • Utilizing the tools that T.A. Sciences provides to be successful and create a proven revenue source


Pre-Conference Workshop
Longevity Secrets: Linking the Science through the Underlying Factor of Telomeres

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