A4M (The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) organizes CME medical conferences and produces advanced medical education live and on line. Its mission is to meet the demand for premium evidence-based educational programs in metabolic, nutritional, functional, and integrative medicine for physicians and allied health professionals.


BEI JING BIYANG HEALTH TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. engages in the education of clinical practice in anti-aging medicine. Its mission is to promote medical training to Chinese health professions with the evidence-based, edge-cutting and practical knowledge and techniques.


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The World Congress agenda will celebrate 30 years of medical education innovation

The World Congress agenda will celebrate 30 years of medical education innovation and deliver the latest knowledge tailored to the modern medical practice and practitioner. That’s not all – the conference schedule will feature a wide range of exciting complementary activities, learning opportunities, and networking events.

As we seek to further extend longevity, how can we simultaneously help patients live longer and delay age-related health issues?

To explore this key question, the World Congress will bring together physicians, researchers and scientists from a variety of fields including genetics, biology of aging, endocrinology, clinical psychology, physiology, and more.

Keynote Speaker

Peter Diamandis, MD
Peter Diamandis, MD

Top Innovation Keynote Speaker, Futurist, Chairman/CEO of The XPRIZE Foundation, and Bestselling Author

Dr. Diamandis was recently named by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” Peter H. Diamandis is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions. He is also the Executive Founder of Singularity University, a graduate-level Silicon Valley institution that counsels the world’s leaders on exponentially growing technologies. As an entrepreneur, Diamandis has started over 20 companies in the areas of longevity, space, venture capital and education. He is Co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Celularity, Inc., a cellular therapeutics company, and of Vaxxinity, Inc. which develops vaccines to harness the immune system against COVID and chronic diseases. Diamandis is Co-founder and Chairman of Fountain Life, a fully-integrated platform delivering predictive, preventative, personalized and data-driven health. Finally, he also serves as Co-founder of BOLD Capital Partners, a venture fund with $250M investing in exponential technologies. Diamandis is a New York Times Bestselling author of four books: Abundance – The Future Is Better Than You Think, BOLD – How to go Big, Create Wealth & Impact the World and The Future is Faster Than You Think. Most recently he co-Authored the #1 best seller LIFE FORCE with Tony Robbins which chronicles the extraordinary healthcare and biotech revolution unfolding before our eyes.

He earned degrees in molecular genetics and aerospace engineering from MIT and holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. Diamandis’ favorite saying is “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”


Motivational Guest Entertainer

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General Session

  • Opening Remarks (Non-CME)
    Andrew Heyman, MD
  • Longevity Applications of Rapamycin and Metformin
    Robert Lufkin, MD
  • Can We Decide to Stop, or Even Revert Glycan Aging to Slow Down Inflammaging
    Gordon Lauc, PhD
  • Boosting Resiliency with Nicotinamide Riboside and Busting Longevity Myths  with Analytical Reasoning
    Charles Brenner, PhD
    Longevity Breakthroughs: How Exponential Technologies are Extending the Healthy Human Lifespan or Making 100 Years Old, the New 60!

    Peter Diamandis, MD
  • Founder Remarks (Non-CME)
    Robert Goldman, DO, PhD
    Ronald Klatz, MD, DO

Session 1

Longevity and Hormone Optimization

  • Menopause: Hot Flashes, Brain Fog, Vag Dryness – 3 Symptoms Women Don’t Have to Experience and the Solutions to Breeze thru Menopause
    Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG
  • Hot Yes, Flash No! Incorporating Herbs and Dietary Supplements into the Precision Management of Menopausal Symptoms
    Michael Krychman, MD
  • Lifestyle Practices to Increase Stress Resilience
    Teresa Iribarren, MD, FAAMFM, ABAARM
  • Treating Thyroid Nodules without Surgery
    Angela Mazza, DO, FAAMFM, CDE, ABAARM
  • Adding Quality of Life to Longevity: It’s All A Balance
    Marcus Cobb, MD
  • Sex and Menopause
    Deb Matthew, MD
  • Detoxifying Gerontogens to Reverse Biological Age
    Chris Shade, PhD

Session 2

Longevity and Disease Prevention

  • Clinical Application of Fasting Mimetics to Promote a Lifestyle of Health and Longevity
    Rafael Gonzalez, MD
  • The Role of Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Regulating Neuroinflammation and Modifying Disease
    Peter Staats, MD, MBA, ABIPP, FIPP
  • Nitric Oxide is Required for Cellular Regeneration
    Nathan Bryan, PhD
  • The Future of Longevity Medicine: Patient Outcomes
    Justin D. Saliman, MD
  • Breakthrough Brain Fitness Techniques to Accelerate Your Longevity Journey (Non-CME)
    Patrick Porter, PhD

Session 3

Longevity and Metabolic Health

  • The Use of Ozone Combined with Bio Active Silver Hydrosol for Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
    Sean Devlin, DO, FAARFM, ABAARM
  • Clinical Application of Telomere Biology in 2022
    Joe Raffaele, MD
  • Seasonal Allergies: A Route to Resolution
    Todd A. Born, ND, CNS
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen & Regenerative Medicine: Reduce Inflammation, Release Stem Cells, Regenerate Tissues & Restore Health
    Jason Sonners, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN
  • Circadian Metabolism and Healthy Aging: The Role of Stress, Meal Timing and Physical Activity
    Thomas Guilliams, PhD

Session 4

Longevity and Aesthetics Advancements

  • 1:00 pm
    Sereneskin: Oral Spore-Based Probiotics in Non-Cystic Acne Vulgaris
    Mark Tager, MD
  • 1:40 pm
    The NEW Star of Your Practice: EZGEL!
    Anil Rajani, MD
  • 2:20 pm
    The Final Frontier: Advancing Non-Surgical Procedures
    Yan Trokel, MD, DDS
  • 3:20 pm
    Leading Regenerative Therapies: Creating a Paradigm Shift in Aesthetic Medicine
    Dr. Richard Jin, MD, PhD, JC McCoy, NMD
    Moderator: Richard Goldfarb, MD, FACS

General Session

  • How Hormone (Im)balance Impacts Health
    Erika Schwartz, MD
  • Happy Health Hormones: How to Get Out of the Complexity Trap and Finally Thrive in Your Practice
    Daved Rosensweet, MD
  • Is Cortisol the #1 Longevity Hormone?
    Thierry Hertoghe, MD
  • Maximizing Male Hormones
    Pam Smith, MD
  • Panel discussion with A4M Pioneers (NON-CME)

Session 1

Microbiome in 2023: The Future of GI Management

  • Integrating Gut Functions and Physiology: A Root-Cause Model
    Michael Chapman, ND
  • Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Phytochemicals and Anti-Nutrients: A Full-Spectrum, Food-Focused Approach to the Gut Microbiome
    Deanna Minich, PhD

Session 2

Longevity and Brain Health Optimization

  • Is Melatonin the “Next Vitamin D”?: Emerging Science, Clinical Uses, and Ways to Optimize through Food, Supplements and Lifestyle
    Deanna Minich, PhD
  • The CANARY’S SONG: A Primer on Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration; Early Biomarkers of a Brain on Fire
    Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, CIFM
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - A Renaissance?
    Joseph Maroon, MD
  • Glutathione: It's Role in Neurodegenerative Diseases & Brain Health Optimization
    Nayan Patel, PharmD
  • The Biochemistry of Maintaining Brain Volume: A Recipe for Longevity
    Dayan Goodenowe, PhD
  • The 9 Pillars of Brain Health
    Stephen Sideroff, PhD

Session 3

Longevity: Could Gut Health Hold the Key?

  • Type 1 Diabetes Care Confidence for Every Practitioner - From Gut to Pancreas and Beyond
    Laura Neville, ND
  • Targeting Mitochondrial Health to Maintain a Healthy and Active Lifestyle: Key Role of Diet, Exercise and Advanced Nutrition Strategies
    Emily Werner, PhD, RD, CSSD
  • Drainage Pathways and Drainage Before Detoxing for Longevity
    Jess Peatross, MD, GP
  • Molds, Mycotoxins, The Gut, The Brain and Misconceptions: An Evidence Based Lecture
    Andrew Campbell, MD
  • A Novel Probiotic Reduces Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Positively
    Impacts Microbiome Modulation
    Mahmoud A. Ghannoum, PhD
  • Long Live the Microbiome, the King of Longevity
    Cheryl Burdette, ND

Session 4

Longevity and Aesthetics Advancements

  • 1:00 pm
    The Art of Integrative Medicine: Key Considerations for Supplement Quality, Treatment Delivery, and Outcome Tracking in Practice
    James LaValle, RPh, CCN, MD, DHM, DHPh
  • 1:45 pm
    Preime® DermaFacial; Combination Therapy with a Smart Device
    Anil Rajani, MD
  • 2:30 pm
    A HAIRspan to Match Your HEALTHspan: Hair Restoration Using a Personalized Precision Regenerative Medicine Approach
    Alan Bauman, MD

General Session

  • Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy with a Hyperoxic Chaser
    Joseph Purita, MD
  • Younger You: Reverse Bio Age and Live Longer
    Kara Fitzgerald, ND
  • Reversing Immuno-senescence with Immuno-rejuvenation
    Jeff Bland, PhD
  • Breakthroughs at the Tipping Point: The Future of Health, Medicine, Aging and Longevity
    Ken Dychtwald, PhD
  • The Problem Can Be the Solution
    Clint Pulver

Session 1

Hormone Levels and Therapy Optimization

  • The Use of Personalized Functional Medicine in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes
    Stephanie Chaney, DC
  • Does Biofilm Play a role in Breast Implant Illness
    Robert Whitfield, MD, FACS
  • Which Test is Best?
    Deb Matthew, MD
  • Measuring the Diurnal Pattern of Cortisol: An Imperative Biomarker for Stress and Beyond
    Thomas Guilliams, PhD
  • The 4Rs of Restorative Functional Fertility
    Aumatma Simmons, MS, ND, FABNE
  • Hiding in Plain View: Learnings from Looking at Urine Steroid Hormones for 20 Years
    George Gillson, MD, PhD

Session 2

The Role of the Immune System in Aging and Longevity

  • Surveying the Effects of Senolytic Treatment Dasatinib and Quercetin Upon the Epigenetic Age, Immunity, and the Human Epigenome
    Varun Dwaraka, PhD
  • The Science of Senescence: How Stress, Immunity and the Gut-Brain Axis Affect Longevity
    Deepa Verma, MD
  • Mistletoe Extract: Western Europe’s Most Extensively Studied Adjuvant for Cancer Therapy
    Steven Johnson, DO
  • Preventing and Reversing Autoimmune Disease is a Global Mission
    David Bilstrom, MD
  • A Hallmark of Covid-19: Cytokine Storm/Oxidative Stress and its Integrative Mechanism
    Richard Cheng, MD, PhD, ABAARM
  • Vitamin C and Cortisol: Optimizing the Immune Response
    Thomas Levy, MD, JD
  • Can Brain-based Oncothermia Become the Key Therapeutic Modality for Increasing Longevity in Metastatic Cancer: A Case Report with Total Resolution of Stage IV Cancer Provides the Answer
    Marc Abreu, MD

Session 3

The Science of Longevity

  • Telomeres, Mitochondria and Longevity: A Triad of Interdependence
    Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, IFMCP
  • Insights from the World's First Multi-Omic Biological Age Clock
    Jessica Lasky-Su, Sc.D
  • Clinical Use of MSC Exosomes
    Edward Park, MD, MPH
  • NAD Optimization is the First and Necessary Step for Effective Age Management
    Jin-Xiong She, PhD
  • Maximizing Longevity with Advanced Nrf2 Activation
    Mark Gordon, MD, FACC
  • Anti-Aging - The Most Essential Healthcare
    Fab Mancini, DC


Regular Registration From February 1, 2023 Until December 31, 2023 $399USD Register now
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