Lauren Swerdloff, MD

1821 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 220, Santa Monica,
CA 90403, US
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Dr. Swerdloff is a Board Certified Family Physician who has been in practice since 1990. She is a Diplomat both in Anti-aging and in Nutritional Medicine by WOSAAM. She is Eligible for Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization Diplomacy by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). She has completed her Fellowship in Hormonal Therapy with the International Hormone Society.

Dr. Swerdloff is known for her integrative approach combining principles of conventional medicine with nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, and other alternative approaches to problems. Dr. Swerdloff is interested in improving the quality and the longevity of her patient’s lives.  Her focus is primarily on wellness rather than dis-ease.  She approaches dis-ease as a state of being to be prevented, or if it has occurred a problem to be investigated and solved.

Dr Swerdloff has an unusual gift, her experience, open mind, and insight allow her to address health problems that are usually difficult to resolve and enable her to help her patients heal. She accomplishes this by approaching each patient as an individual with a unique set of circumstances creating the current situation and as she listens to the patient she begins to unravel and uncover the variables to help the patient solve the equation equaling better health through nutrition, a full complement of bio-identical/natural hormones, detoxification, Homeopathy, and exercise. Integrating and blending conventional and alternative techniques she pays attention to the mind, body, and the spirit in her approach and solutions.

What patients really like best about Dr. Swerdloff is that she listens to them, she hears what they are saying and asking.  If you ask her she will say she learned it from her mother who was a phenomenal listener. That upbringing combined with her extensive training in conventional medicine, hormones, prevention, alternative therapies, nutrition, and Anti-Aging medicine and an open mind allows her to draw upon a wide range of possibilities for optimizing health. 

When she was 17 year’s old Dr. Swerdloff’s new puppy was found to have a disabling type of arthritis and she was told he needed to have expensive surgeries to insure that he would be able to walk again. Back then surgery on dogs was not so common or accepted as it is today and not within her families means. So when another dog owner whose own dog had failed the surgery and was destined to using a cart to move his rear end, suggested an experimental program for acupuncture on dogs as a free alternative. Dr. Swerdloff brought her dog limping in and watched as he limped in and walked out week after week for about three months. When the dog stopped limping and lived for nearly 15 years without limping, Dr. Swerdloff knew that there was something to Acupuncture beyond placebo that helped heal her puppy.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Art she followed the Universities Student health center’s Doctor to his new private acupuncture practice.  She experienced first hand the benefits her old dog had felt so many years before.  She returned to school for a second Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a plan to go to medical school followed by acupuncture school. 

Ten years later, after many acupuncture treatments her MD degree and Family Practice Board Certification behind her, she decided not to continue on to acupuncture school but chose to refer instead. Her own experiences with allopathic medicine’s misdiagnosis and delayed treatment of a common hormonal imbalance nearly left her childless and debilitated. Her searches for answers for her own recovery lead her to explore alternative medical treatments and bio-identical hormone replacement. And finally to the physician whose great grandfather discovered how to treat hypothyroidism. After more years of training she is now also board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Nutrient Medicine. Currently she continues her studies as a fellow in hormonal therapies.

 Her extensive and varied training background allows her to approach patients with an open mind and she is truly integrative as she works in partnership with her patients to help heal them, improve their quality of life, and prevent illness.

Along the way she was introduced to the use of Thermography as a no radiation adjunctive scanning technique for Breast cancer prevention and treatment monitoring as well as for many other conditions. 

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