Jess Peatross, MD, GP

Jess Peatross, MD, GP

Jess Peatross, MD, GP is a former hospitalist, internal medicine based medical doctor and a certified Gerson Practitioner. She is an expert in the areas of stealth infections, environmental toxicity, regenerative medicine, ozone, and cannabis. Her passion lies in uncovering the mystery behind the chronic illness, whether that be stealth infections, heavy metals, stress/trauma, or other environmental toxicities.

There is real, root cause answers for WHY the body might be malfunctioning.

Trained in medicine at the University of Louisville, Dr. Jess experienced what many of her patients experienced: deep anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and adrenal dysfunction. She sought answers to uncover the root cause of disease – something she thought she had learned in medical school.

After working as an M.D. in a hospital for 6 years, Dr. Jess realized that she needed to investigate alternatives to today’s modern medical industry, which “treats every ill with a pill.” She became trained in Gerson Therapy, functional medicine, nutrigenomics, and ozone in her efforts to help her patients with chronic disease solutions. She is an expert in the field of Lyme, parasites, and the health hazards of mold.

Dr Jess cofounded Wellness plus, a wellness platform curated for doctors so that people can understand their bodies cues and learn how to heal on their own. She also helps to formulate products for the gut and hormones with Soul.