Covid-19 Resource Hub

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COVID-19 Resource Hub

In response to the unprecedented and continuous developments surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, A4M has committed to providing the medical community with timely and valuable resources and tools to effectively navigate the evolving healthcare landscape. As an ongoing hub of educational programming, relevant news, and patient resources, this platform will serve to equip medical practitioners with guiding support throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

So much is changing within the medical environment today, but here at A4M we are-- as always-- here to support and empower medical practitioners who serve as leaders at the frontlines of our shared communities.

Browse through our collection of useful resources and stay tuned for ongoing weekly program updates.

Virtual Workshop Series

New Masterclass Series

Learn how to set your practice up for success during the COVID era and beyond.

Presenter Tom Blue

Presenter Tom Blue

The Practitioner's Guide to Thriving in the COVID Era

Archived Workshops

Educational Webinar Library

WEEK 8 Webinar


Patient Summit

WEEK 7 Webinar


Promising New Therapies

WEEK 6 Webinar


Moving, Breathing, and Exercise

WEEK 5 Webinar


Stress Management & Social Isolation

WEEK 4 Webinar


Dietary Measures to Enhance and Optimize Immunity

WEEK 3 Webinar


Natural Immune Boosters

WEEK 2 Webinar


What To Do If I Have Symptoms?

WEEK 1 Webinar


Overview for Professionals ID experts and treatment options

Redefining Medicine Podcast:


with Dr. Joseph Bellanti

Tune in for this special edition of A4M's Redefining Medicine podcast for an illuminating conversation with Dr. Joseph Bellanti the founder and Director of the International Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Immunology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

COVID-19 Follow Up

Clinical Perspectives

How Stress Affects the Body

Dr. Andrew Heyman provides a detailed analysis of the role stress plays throughout the human body.

How Stress affects the Body

Practitioner Handout Library

Standard Care for Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

A Literature Review Supporting the Addition of Intravenous Methylene Blue, High-dose Intravenous Vitamin C, Intravenous Glutathione, and Nutraceuticals, to Standard Care for Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Thai Ginseng Monograph

Thai Ginseng Monograph

Response to the Deadly Coronaviru

Peptide Therapy Handbook for Healthcare Professionals: Thymosin alpha-1

Peptide Therapy Handbook for Healthcare Professionals: Thymosin beta-4

Peptide Therapy Handbook for Healthcare Professionals: Thymosin beta-4

Response to the Deadly Coronavirus

Response to the Deadly Coronavirus

Proaction vs. Reaction and Appropriate Aggression vs. Passive Aggression

Patient Letter

Utilize this patient letter template to inform and update your patients on the current clinical knowledge and recommendations surrounding COVID-19.

Supportive Recommendations

Supportive Recommendations

for Immune Support & Viral Infections

Vitamin A Snapshot Monograph

Vitamin A
Snapshot Monograph

Resources for Patients

Do The Five

Do the five

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms of Coronavirus



What to do if you are sick

What to do if you are sick


Resources for Clinicians