Ched Nichyporuk, RPh, FAAMM, ABAAHP

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Ched has spent 30 years as a registered clinical pharmacist helping patients understand their drug therapies and helping patients avoid illness. In 2014, Ched earned his Additional Prescribing Authority through the Alberta College of Pharmacists. In 2015 he became certified in Advanced Metabolic Cardiovascular Health. In 2019, Ched became certified in Anti-Aging Metabolic Medicine. In the last decade there's been a number of areas of medicine that have undergone major changes in how medical conditions have been managed. Ched has been helping people in the Edmonton area manage heart disease risk factors, the menopause transition,  weight loss, hormone imbalance,  and  prevention strategies.

Through the past 3 decades Ched has accumulated experience dealing with patients who are motivated to help themselves with managing various conditions and preventing chronic disease. Those patients who made the effort to prevent disease motivated Ched to join one of the premiere Anti Aging educational groups (A4M) in the world and in 2019 graduated with a Fellowship in Anti-Aging. The Fellowship education provides a practitioner with more insight into prevention of chronic disease and with other options to aide patients with obtaining greater longevity.

Ched is able to help patients with bio-identical hormones, weight loss and prevention of heart attack and stroke. The opportunity to help patients prevent stroke and heart attack exists because not enough focus, in our medical system, is on prevention. Coronary artery disease is a slow process whereby the arteries, through aging and through proven risk factors, becomes more stiff and experiences thickening of the top two layers lining the artery, therefore elevating the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Because of this slow process, it may take 10-20 years to have a heart attack or stroke, thereby giving ample time to intervene and decrease or halt the progress of the artery disease. Call 780-700-1692 to book a complimentary consultation for more information.

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