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Since 2001, the Kingsberg Medical Group, a fully licensed medical institute specializing in age management and rejuvenation therapies, has been proudly serving the hormone replacement therapy needs of adult patients living all throughout the US. Using innovative processes to delivering local treatment via online-assisted contacts with our patients, Kingsberg Medical has made it possible for adults living in rural areas of the US to access medically prescribed HRT programs as easily as their urban area counterparts. Kingsberg Medical’s locally available doctors, clinics and testing labs bring the hormone treatment therapy that people require directly to them rather than requiring them to go outside of their local areas to receive it.

Kingsberg Medical’s inspired leadership has been the driving force behind the creation of their patient-friendly process and has continued to press forward with new and better ways to provide hormone deficiency treatment programs to US adults. Utilizing the latest hormone replacement techniques and medications available, Kingsberg Medical helps thousands of adults to safely combat the effects of aging and stress in the body enabling them to gain energy and vitality; lose excess weight; heal more quickly from injuries; to recover more quickly from workouts; and to simply feel better and be happier.

While headquartered in South Florida, Kingsberg Medical’s professional medical services and doctors can be easily accessed by adults living in all 50 states, which enables many people to be able to experience the wellness benefits of human growth hormone and testosterone therapy for the first time in their lives. The HRT providers at Kingsberg Medical are all highly qualified and extensively experienced physicians who are fully licensed to practice medicine in the US; and they use only licensed US pharmacies to provide their patients with the convenience of ordering their prescription HRT medications have been prescribed and having them delivered to their homes. This process has successfully removed the barriers that previously prevented many potential patients from receiving the treatment they require while providing them with protection from illegally operating websites offering pharmaceuticals that have not been legally cleared for sale or use in the US. Many of those products have only been manufactured for overseas use.

Kingsberg Medical physician’s only prescribe US approved bioidentical hormone medications and adheres to the correct individualized treatment protocols for testing and treatment, ensuring their patients a safe and effective experience. The consistent use of these practices, along with an emphasis on always being available to their patients for advice and information, has made Kingsberg Medical one the country’s leading providers of rejuvenation therapy programs for adults experiencing symptoms of hormone deficiency. There is never a charge for consultations and every patient receives a face-to-face consultation either at their clinics or at a location that is conveniently nearby the patient’s home or office. Kingsberg Medical only treats adult patients with a medically demonstrated need for treatment, as verified by their blood test results and symptomatic evidence; and only qualified professionals respond to any and all questions or concerns that patients may have before, during or after their treatment.

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