Recent advances in women's health have the potential to produce significant impacts on the health and wellbeing of female patients. During this four-part series, participants will gain actionable insights on several of the most critical aspects of these advances including breast cancer prevention, estrogen and immune function, sexual wellness, and hormone therapy. In pushing past outdated strategies and addressing commonly overlooked concerns and approaches, this series serves to help clinicians make use of the valuable and innovative knowledge the scientific community has gained in recent years surrounding women's health.

Breast Cancer: Let's Shift from Early Detection to Prevention

Tara Scott,

Tara Scott

In this session, Dr. Scott will discuss estrogen metabolism and SNPs associated with increased risk of breast cancer as well as the role of endogenous and exogenous hormones in breast cancer. 

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Hot Topics in Women's Sexual Health

Anna Cabeca,

Anna Cabeca

In this session, Dr. Cabeca will discuss the 7 areas that physicians must be address with patients surrounding sexual health, as well as the hormonal and physical changes that clinicians can address holistically with the safest and most effective interventions available.

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HRT Dosing and Formulations Update

Sahar Swidan,

Sahar Swidan

In this session, Dr. Swidan will review recommended dosing guidelines and variety of dosage forms available.  We will also review some compounded innovations in the treatment of women’s Health Issues.

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Estrogen and Immune Function in Women: An Overview

Felice Gersh,

Felice Gersh

In this session, attendees will examine the most current knowledge of estrogen as a modulator of the immune system, its interactions with various immune cells and the gut microbiome, and the underlying reasons enabling females to survive infections better than males, while experiencing 80 percent of autoimmune diseases. Participants will be taught the essentials concerning the interactions between estrogen and the immune system, facilitating optimal care of women at every stage of life.

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