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Hormones play a large and important role in everyone's daily health and well-being. Disease, certain stages of life and different health conditions can affect your body's ability to make or use hormones. Having a clear understanding of this connection is critical to making informed health decisions. With the guidance of international hormone expert Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, you will discover the potential and practical applications of hormone therapy in preventing and/or managing from common diseases like cholesterol, heart failure, and depression.

Dr. Hertoghe will first review with patient pictures the important basics of the main hormone therapies (signs and symptoms of each major hormone deficiency, hormone therapy doses,etc.). Then Dr. Hertoghe will address the beneficial and adverse effects of hormone therapies on coronary heart disease, plus answer the question if heart failure develops because of hormone deficiencies and what to do about it. He will investigate with the audience if hormone therapies treat the consequence or cause of arterial hypertension, providing precious clues on treatment. Finally, the efficacy of hormone therapies in reducing hypercholesterolemia and hyperhomocysteneima will be examined as well as practical tips to get the best results.

Additionally, attendees will learn how hormone therapies can get patients out of the vicious cycle of sadness and low mood. Can in some or many cases hormone deficits cause the chronicity of the anxiety, and if so, what are the treatment strategies? The workshop closes with a question-and-answer session.


  • Define the principles of hormonal therapies
  • Identify the potential clinical use of hormone therapies in heart disease and mental disorders


Hormone Replacement Modalities: A Comprehensive Review
Thierry Hertoghe, MD
Hormone Therapies in Vascular and Cardiac Disease: Potential in Prevention and Recovery
Thierry Hertoghe, MD
Chronic Depression and Anxiety- What Can Hormones Offer?
Thierry Hertoghe, MD
Patient Cases
Question & Answer Session
Thierry Hertoghe, MD


The Next Generation in Hormone Science and Chronic Disease
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