Yosuke Naito, DDS, ABAAHP

Lagform Tokyo Omote-sando FM Clinic
401 PRYME CUBE OMOTE-SANDO, Kita-aoyama, Minatoku , Tokyo,
Tokyo 107-0061, JP
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Our clinic focuses on treating the root cause of facial aging. We don't use artificial chemical substances, instead, we make the best use of your own growth factors for our treatments. Optimal blood condition is needed to make rich growth factors and it can be achieved by deriving nutrition from food. Good nutrition is essential for good blood production, and a proper diet optimizes the bacterial flora from the oral cavity to the intestines. When there is an optimal bacterial flora, it will improve and stabilize the endocrine function which in turn will enable the nervous system to be in an ideal state. And, a balanced neurotransmission and occlusion will optimize facial muscle balance. Originally, the human body system is interconnected with each other. It should not be considered as separate entities whether it be in internal medicine, surgery or dentistry. Integrative regenerative treatment should be performed first and then shift to specialized treatment. Therefore, I support the American Anti-Aging Medicine's idea.

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