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This women's health medical workshop will highlight the latest research unique to female healthcare, as women face many unique, highly specialized health issues—including pregnancy, menopause, and hormonal issues. The workshop addresses critical aspects of female wellness and support the expansion of therapeutic options to optimize patient health. Learn tangible solutions to complex medical problems, while becoming well-versed in integrative practices and protocols to understand the unique challenges faced by women. Spearheaded by Drs. Sara Gottfried and Felice Gersh—both of whom are renowned for their expertise in hormonal management of women—this workshop is designed for all clinicians interested in preventive care and women’s wellness.


  • Define the role of intestinal permeability and the microbiome in stress, mood, and central nervous system disorders
  • Review the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal-Thyroid-Gonadal (HPATG) axis and common causes of dysregulation in women involving the gene/environment interface
  • Identify the most common disruptions of the gut/endocrine axis in women
  • Solve the upstream and downstream issues related to loss of intestinal integrity with the use of targeted dietary and lifestyle interventions, including nutrigenomic approaches, “behaviorceuticals,” and psychobiotic approaches such as prebiotics and probiotics
  • Describe lifetime risks and why women are at greater risk of health disparities
  • Review the basics – What is the prime directive of life? Why do women have menstrual cycles and what value do they serve to the woman?
  • Understand that the menstrual cycle is a vital sign of female health
  • Review the foundations of the hormones of the menstrual cycle
  • Learn the functional medicine/fundamental steps to take to ensure your women patients have normal hormones and optimal menstrual cycles


An Balanced Ecosystem: Female Sex Hormones
Sara Gottfried, MD
Optimizing Hormones throughout the Menstrual Cycle
Felice Gersh, MD
Fertility Concerns: Contraception, Family Planning, Miscarriages , What you Need to Know
Felice Gersh, MD
The Second Brain: Women and the Gut Microbiome
Sara Gottfried, MD
Depression, Stress, Fatigue: Solutions in Improving Mental Health
Sara Gottfried, MD
A Closer Look: Anxiety in Women
Sara Gottfried, MD


Women and Health: Building a Sustainable Future
$599 USD