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My name is Rachel Olsen and I am a registered dietitian with a masters in clinical nutrition and a certified functional medicine practitioner by the Institute of Functional Medicine (https://www.ifm.org/practitioners/rachel-olsen/).

I help patients with most chronic diseases – in particular autoimmune and gut related - to discover and treat the root causes and drivers of their illness to finally find relief. I use a well-rounded approach that includes personalized eating patterns for each condition and patient, functional foods, lifestyle adjustments (movement, sleep, relaxation) and supplements. Patients can expect to be fully heard, thoroughly assessed and closely guided in the areas of lifestyle and diet. I work closely with patients, giving a lot of support via phone, email and chat. You will have your own personal nutritionist who gives you advice while you are shopping for food, preparing meals at home, or eating out.

Once you become a patient, you and I will partner to attain as much improvement as possible for your condition. I prescribe my interventions based on how far the patient is willing to go, modifying as needed to fit the patient’s wants and readiness level. I would love the opportunity to partner with you in your journey back to better health.

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