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August 22, 2020

August 22, 2020

A4M Concludes 2020: Medicine Revolutionized | Longevity, Aging and Immuno Competency

2020: Medicine Revolutionized | Longevity, Aging and Immuno Competency (LAIC) concluded on Saturday, August 22nd. Delivered entirely online, the timely event provided clinicians with an advanced learning experience grounded in the latest science and focused on the most valuable clinical solutions. Led by the industry's foremost researchers, clinicians, and thought-leaders, the conference delivered two days of advanced educational offerings, including over 20 clinical sessions, 5 product theater presentations, an interactive virtual exhibit hall, and more.

The first day began with an introduction from A4M Educational Director, Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA followed by a series of general sessions covering the latest knowledge on inflammation. During the afternoon, participants broke off into two different session tracks: session one addressed neurology, resiliency, and immuno competency-- led by esteemed faculty members such as Drs. Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, Elizabeth Stuller, MD among others--and session two provided an in-depth look at hormonal effects on the immune system--led by renowned faculty members including Drs. Sara Gottfried, MD, and Mark Houston, MD, MS, FACP, ABAARM. Throughout the day participants took part in a number of different product theater presentations from leading exhibiting companies in the field of integrative medicine. Day two of the conference began with a series of presentations on topics such as inflammaging, the immunomodulatory effects of stem cells, and the mind-body connection. Led by faculty members including Drs. Lawrence Afrin, MD, Dr. Robert Rountree, MD, and Anita Baxas, MD the remainder of the day was spent studying immune system restoration. The conference concluded with an examination of relevant patient cases to further demonstrate how the science presented during the conference could be implemented into practice.

Additionally, the conference’s virtual exhibit hall featured a collection of the latest and most advanced integrative medical products, services, and tools. Through an interactive floor plan, live chat, and more, the virtual exhibit hall provided clinicians with direct access to the latest resources in the field.

Led by the foremost clinical experts in integrative medicine, LAIC delivered an in-depth view of the interconnected nature of human health. Designed to take A4M’s mission of redefining medicine to the next level, 2020: Medicine Revolutionized further equipped practitioners to integrate the latest science into practice, improve patient health spans, and ultimately build a new and impactful standard of healthcare.

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