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September 20, 2017

September 20, 2017 (Boca Raton, FL)

September 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A4M/MMI has recently announced the addition of biochemist Valter Longo, PhD to its agenda for the 25th Annual World Congress in Las Vegas at the Venetian/Palazzo Resort, marking a quarter of a century of redefining modern medicine and advancing precision and Anti-Aging medical education. As thousands of participants gather at the three-day conference, taking place from December 14-16, an extensive agenda of cutting-edge keynote speakers and thought leaders, clinical educational sessions, and interactive lectures will collectively deliver the most recent clinical research in modern medicine to delegates.

While Anti-Aging Medicine touts diet as a cornerstone of health and longevity, the latest clinical research suggests that results are not solely dependent on what one is eating—but also when. As a proliferation of scientific information has emerged regarding the benefits of intermittent fasting, A4M/MMI is proud to present Dr. Valter Longo—the world-renowned expert on this topic—and to continue its tradition of providing the latest, most current updates and clinical education.

The 25th Annual World Congress will launch its keynote presentations on Thursday, December 14th at 9 AM with a highly anticipated lecture delivered by Dr. Longo: “Fasting Mimicking Diets, Multi-System Regeneration and Healthspan.” Director of the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California, Longo has created the nutritional breakthrough Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD). Designed to provide the body with natural, nourishing ingredients, while not activating any of the pro-aging processes, FMD has rapidly gained traction and recognition across the globe, and represents the very forefront of modern medicine.

Due to the exploding popularity and success of FMD, the conference schedule includes two additional educational tracks each afternoon, which also focus on Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD): “Abstinence in Intervals – A Physiological and Metabolic Perspective” and “Fast the Body, Feed Longevity.” These sessions examine the applications of intermittent fasting in metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, autoimmunity, peptide therapy, weight management, and cellular rejuvenation programs. The afternoon sessions are supported by an educational grant from L-Nutra Inc.

As intermittent fasting continues to sweep the nation, Dr. Longo’s far-reaching potential represents a significant transition surrounding the ways in which clinicians advise patients regarding weight management, wellness, and longevity. Marking an exciting and unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the healthcare industry, delegates will learn firsthand about one of the newest and most effective ways to enhance your practice and patient outcomes.

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