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Today's interview on Redefining Medicine welcomes back Dave Asprey: Silicon Valley investor, notable entrepreneur, author of four New York Times bestsellers, and biohacker. Having once weighed 300 pounds in his mid 20s—and been diagnosed with a host of chronic diseases including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, massive cognitive dysfunction, and a high risk of stroke—Asprey began to investigate nootropics and smart drugs, and found a guide from A4M that led him to an integrative doctor. On a mission to become "smarter, faster, and happier," Asprey began the blog Bulletproof, which was ultimately transformed into a global movement that spread across the world. Terming himself a 'biohacker,' Asprey discusses how mold is becoming a major topic in medicine, and how to "build buildings that make people live longer" through education and knowledge of environmental toxins. Listen to this podcast for tips from Asprey's bestselling book Game Changers, and snippets from his discussion of "A Systems Approach to Metabolic Aging Through the Eyes" as he delivers strategies for optimizing health, sleeping better, and living a more satisfied life.



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