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Today's episode of Redefining Medicine features Naveen Jain: business executive, global entrepreneur, philanthropist, and worldwide innovator. In discussing his humble background & beginnings, Jain explains where true learning happens: not in an academic environment or intellectual institution, but through life experiences. In detailing his own failures and successes, Jain measures achievements by how many people’s lives he has improved—rather than financial incentives, or monetary gains in the bank. Through surveying today’s field of healthcare, Jain explains how the key to effective medicine is caring and empathy: rather than simply looking at a specific symptom, and prescribing a drug to treat a particular ill—most of which only suppress widespread chronic diseases & disorders. Operating on the premise that “doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive,” Jain explores how he first became involved in business initiatives in healthcare, and his interest in solving some of the world's largest challenges. Listen to Jain debate the distinction between genes & gene expression, the reason that passion is relegated to 'losers' while obsession is reserved for 'winners,' the importance of humility in achieving success, and the critical importance of continuous learning.



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