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Today's episode on Redefining Medicine features Terry Wahls, MD. As a doctor in Functional Medicine and an academic clinical professor, Dr. Wahls discusses a powerful personal story of recovery and triumph in combatting a crippling case of MS. Through the effective application of diet and therapeutic lifestyle changes, Dr. Wahls illuminates the impact of nutritional interventions in treating progressive health problems and chronic disease—specifically, neurological degeneration—and explains the background behind her own nutritional protocol. Listen to Dr. Wahls describe the progression of her own diagnosis and dependency on a wheelchair, as she ultimately regained her strength and restored her health: now pedaling five miles to work each day. In detailing how traditional, allopathic medicine only worsened her condition, Dr. Wahls recounts the importance of addressing symptoms and root causes, and presents the overall benefits stemming from Integrative Medicine.



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