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Today’s interview on Redefining Medicine features Florence Comite, MD: a leading endocrinologist, innovator in Precision Medicine and Genomics, and founder of Women's Health at Yale School of Medicine. As Dr. Comite discusses how the changes associated with aging often occur before they are physically present, she emphasizes the importance of the application of personalized medicine—and strategies to 'connect the dots' in medicine through an interdisciplinary approach. By investigating data at the cellular level, Dr. Comite's work is focused on understanding "the study of data married to the human story of family history" in order to detect, predict, and reverse both disease and physiological aging. With extensive experience in optimizing health at each stage of an individual's lifespan, listen to Dr. Comite illustrate how the practice of Precision Medicine can ultimately transform conventional disease care—and how "our genes don't need to be our destiny."



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