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Today's interview on Redefining Medicine features Abraham Morgentaler, MD: internationally-renowned expert in testosterone therapy, prostate cancer, and male sexuality. Credited with founding Men's Health Boston, the first center that specifically focuses on men's health, Dr. Morgentaler initially began his career as a hockey player during his undergraduate tenure at Harvard, and his interest in medicine was first piqued through research surrounding the sexual behavior of lizards, and the importance of testosterone as a brain hormone. Upon finishing his residency as a urologist specializing in male fertility issues in the late 1980s, Dr. Morgentaler found that many men had low levels of testosterone—and would respond to testosterone therapy. Dr. Morgentaler is now credited with shattering the decades-old belief that testosterone therapy is risky for prostate cancer, and pioneering the modern use of testosterone in men. Listen to Dr. Morgentaler discuss his more recent findings regarding cardiovascular risks of testosterone therapy, how to combat the inherently negative impacts of the aging process, and the work he undertakes to educate the public & his colleagues on the benefits of testosterone therapy.



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