As a brain tumor survivor and the youngest winner of NYU Stern's business plan competition, Chris Mirabile is known for beating the odds. Throughout his career, Chris has pursued a lifelong passion “health and wellness“ with an emphasis on avoiding disease, and extending his healthy lifespan. According to independently verified third-party epigenetic, metabolomic, telomere, and physiological tests, he was able to reduce his biological age by 37% and his pace of aging by 31%. Now approaching a chronological age of 40, Chris' biology is by most accounts that of someone in his mid-twenties. In following his life-long passion and after more than a decade of research and experimentation, Chris founded NOVOS, the first nutraceutical company that targets the 12 biological causes of aging to increase longevity. NOVOS includes a Scientific Advisory Board of six of the world's top biologists and geneticists who study aging from Harvard, MIT, The Salk Institute, and more. With NOVOS, Chris created much more than a supplement company, he built the leading consumer biotech platform that leverages the latest science to help people take control of their healthspans and lifespans. NOVOS is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).


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