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Dr. Amato is passionate about finding cutting-edge, innovative ways to prevent and treat mental health disorders that have not responded to traditional interventions.  She received training in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and other non-invasive brain modulation techniques at the Brain Stimulation Laboratory of Medical University of South Carolina and has been providing TMS to patients in the region since 2015.  She has been providing IV ketamine therapy for treatment of depression and other mental health conditions since April 2016.  She is an integrative psychiatrist who looks to blend traditional treatment tools, like medication and talk therapy, with specialized integrative medicine testing, genetics, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle education and interventions to design personalized treatment approaches that target the root causes of illness.  She is certified as a health care provider for FirstLine Therapy® through Metagenics and is participating in the Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine through the Metabolic Medical Institute of A4M. Dr. Amato believes that early intervention is critical when people are affected by emotional, behavioral, cognitive and learning disorders.  Mental health should be looked at in the context of an integrated mind-body approach.  Especially in cases of children and adolescents, early diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders is essential in promoting healthy development.



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