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Dr. Zielsdorf is the Owner and Medical Director of Motivated Medicine, an innovative consultative medical practice in West Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Z has been described by autoimmunity authority Jessica Flanigan as “the progressive voice of functional medicine in Chicago”.

She values the transformative power of the patient-physician relationship, and understands that every individual is biochemically and genetically unique. As an autoimmune thyroid patient herself, Dr. Z walks the walk to thrive with chronic illness. Dr. Zielsdorf refines her craft on a daily basis, learns from her patients, and is never satisfied with her knowledge base. She truly believes in the art of medicine, which keeps her relentlessly searching for answers.

The Motivated Medicine approach that Dr. Z developed (and continues to evolve) is rooted in Translational Medicine, which bridges the gap between all of the current research going on in hospitals and laboratories worldwide and the direct care you receive from your physician. It is the style of practice that is dedicated to ensuring that the newest research (which usually takes up to two decades to change the standard of care) reaches the patient. Dr. Zielsdorf’s open-minded approach to treatment is informed by data, advanced diagnostic testing, whole-body wellness, tried-and-true “conventional” medicine, and so much more.



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