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At the pinnacle of Dr. Kien Vuu's success, he became overweight and developed hypertension, diabetes, and was on several prescription medications. There was a life-changing moment when one of his patients reminded him of the gift of life and the power of choice which put him on the path of healing himself.

Now free of disease, Doctor Vuu has dedicated his life to helping people reclaim their health. He wants people to escape the deadly traps that keep many unhealthy, unhappy, and unfulfilled. He believes radical health and wellness is a choice available to everyone.

Dr. Vuu's mission is to elevate the health of the world and assist in elimination of chronic disease through media, television and social media. His talks, online content and live events focus on personal empowerment and integrative and holistic approaches to healing and medicine. His content includes the power of thought and mindset as medicine, meditation/stress control, diet and the microbiome, sleep, biohacking, epigenetics, and alternative therapies along with other alternative and holistic treatments.

He is the founder of The Live Again Project, a fiscally-sponsored nonprofit organization and a community for anyone affected by cancer to share their stories and challenges. These stories inspire many to discover the greatest version of themselves.

Dr. Vuu has made the decision to live a more authentic and purpose-driven life. In this the journey, he has discovered one of the most important lessons – health is a personal discovery process. As one begins to master their health, they discover their own personal power in all areas of their lives. This has led lead him to believe that if we change our health, we will change the world.



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