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Nathan D. Ford MD is a graduate of the UCLA/Charles R. Drew School of Medicine, and a distinguished member of the board of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine. He completed his initial year of training in the general surgery program at Harbor-UCLA medical center in Torrance, CA, and currently runs his private practice, ‘Ford MD’, based in Los Angeles, California. Since his introduction to the field of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, he has redirected his efforts toward implementing preventative and restorative methods of medical treatment. Using the theoretical pillars of biology combined with sound, research-based medicine, he incorporates medical optimization and restoration into patient care. A core tenet of Dr. Ford’s approach to care is empowerment of the patient through education. He believes informed patients make informed decisions. When given the proper tools, medical guidance and education, people have the ability to take control back of their lives, their health and ultimately, their happiness.



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