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Today's episode of Redefining Medicine features Lenard Walser, R.Ph. Lenard Walser, B.Sc. Biology, R.Ph, ABAAHP graduated pharmacy from Dalhousie University located in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2000.  Lenard has worked both in the community and hospital pharmacy practice, including General Medicine, Intensive Care and Cardiac Care Units.  Lenard is the owner of two community pharmacies in Truro, Nova Scotia, one being a compounding pharmacy and is a member of Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) with a practice focused in Chronic Pain and Hormone Replacement Therapy. Lenard is a Diplomat with the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Professionals, where his focus is on chronic disease prevention, integrative and alternative therapies such as nutritional and botanical supplementation.  Lenard is currently completing Module XVI A-E - Advanced Metabolic Cardiovascular Certification with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Lenard is also a co-founder, and current Chief Operating Officer with Truro Cannabis, a licensed Canadian Cannabis producer.  From his background with pharmaceutical compounding and botanical therapies, Lenard developed an interest in medicinal cannabis, the endocannabinoid system and phytocannabinoid pharmacology, especially in regards to its potential therapeutic roles in chronic pain, and mental health diseases.  As a practicing pharmacist for 20 years, he recognizes the potential therapeutic benefits and harm reduction that medicinal cannabis can provide for patients in lieu of pharmaceutical agents or in addition to pharmacotherapies and has become a medicinal cannabis advocate.



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