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Today's episode on Redefining Medicine spotlights Barbara C. Fisher, PhD, CBSM, DBSM, BCN. She is a fully licensed psychologist/neuropsychologist, certified in behavioral sleep medicine. She has received a diplomate in behavioral sleep medicine and board certification in neurofeedback. She completed a sleep fellowship at the JFK Neuroscience Center in New Jersey. Dr. Fisher is the author of many published articles as well as several books. Dr. Fisher is continuously involved in research projects and has authored, coauthored and published numerous research articles. Trained as a neuropsychologist, Dr. Fisher has devoted much of her practice assessing and studying children as well as adults to understand how the presence of various disorders such as ADD/ADHD, brain injury and other brain challenges which affects their ability to learn and function. Pediatrics and the aging population have been her focus of specialization in order to understand the impact of the brain upon behavior and thinking processes. On the cutting edge of assessing ADD/ADHD with neuropsychological testing and not relying upon self-report measures for diagnosis, she has more recently focused upon the Autism Spectrum. Evaluating children diagnosed with Autism, she found that many suffered from a variety of disorders from sleep apnea to undiagnosed brain injury and seizure. It became apparent to her that their difficulty learning had more to do with teaching methods and lack of accurate diagnosis than the child’s ability to learn.



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