Neural Therapy
Peptide Masterclass

December 12, 2024
The Venetian And Palazzo Resort | Las Vegas, NV


Join the leaders in advanced anti-aging medicine

Explore the cutting-edge field of Neural Therapy coupled with the transformative power of Peptide Therapy in this comprehensive Masterclass. Designed for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their expertise, this course delves into the intricacies of neural and peptide interventions for optimal patient outcomes.

Key Topics

Number 01

Foundations of Neural Therapy

  • Understand the principles and history of Neural Therapy, exploring its roots in traditional medicine and modern applications.

  • Learn the anatomy of the autonomic nervous system and its significance in neural interventions.

Number 02

Neural Therapy Techniques

  • Gain hands-on experience with various neural therapy techniques, including injection therapies and autonomic response testing.

  • Explore case studies highlighting successful neural interventions for a range of health conditions.

Number 03

Peptide Therapy in Neurological Health

  • Delve into the role of peptides in supporting neurological function and addressing neural imbalances.

  • Explore a spectrum of peptides, their mechanisms of action, and their applications in neural health.

Number 04

Integrative Approaches

  • Understand how to integrate Neural Therapy and Peptide Therapy into existing clinical practices.

  • Explore collaborative approaches with other modalities for a holistic patient-centered care model.

Who is this
class for?

This Masterclass is tailored for healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and other allied health practitioners, interested in advancing their knowledge of Neural Therapy and Peptide Therapy.


  • Lectures by leading experts in Neural and Peptide Therapies.

  • Practical workshops for hands-on experience.

  • Interactive case discussions for real-world application.

Join us on the forefront of medical innovation as we explore the synergies between Neural Therapy and Peptide Therapy to elevate patient care.

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Neural Therapy Peptide Masterclass

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