State-of-the-Art Subcutaneous Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy Training Workshop

What is subcutaneous hormone pellet therapy?

The term subcutaneous refers to an application beneath the skin. Hormone pellets are inserted in the body through a small incision and dissolve at various rates based on blood flow and cardiovascular demands. The hormone pellets often contain a mixture of hormones, based on the needs of the patient.

What patient is hormone pellet therapy for?

Hormone pellet therapy is one type of hormone replacement therapy to consider, typically used to help with symptoms of menopause, perimenopause, andropause and aging.

Learn practical and safe application of hormone pellet therapies including diagnosis, implantation, and outcomes and considerations.

The Pellet Therapy Training Workshop is designed to provide practitioners with a comprehensive clinical knowledge of the therapy that is rapidly gaining traction and recognition, through the presentation of scientific reviews, case studies, and procedural training.

Learners will be provided a detailed introduction to pellet therapy, furthered by a review of clinical evidence on the need for customized dosing; additionally, you will assess pellet dosing protocols for male and female patients. Pellet sterility, equipment and what to look for in a compounding pharmacy will also be discussed.

*Completion of BHRT and/or Module I is recommended.

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Receive an overview of hormone replacement methods and respective regulatory requirements

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Discuss patient selection, evalution, and dosing for both male and females patients

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Learn procedural details, insertion techniques, and sterility considerations

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Discover ways in which to follow-up and continually monitor patients, in addition to sppecial considerations

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Review new reasearch and case studies

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Participate in hands-on patient demonstrations

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Pellet Therapy Workshop


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