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The field of omics is a rapidly evolving, multi-disciplinary, and emerging one that encompasses genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Each of these individual fields offers the possibility to understand and personalize patient care in a way that was previously unthinkable.

Research has demonstrated how epigenetics play a critical role in turning genes on and off—illustrating that a person's genes need not define their medical future. But how can clinicians practically make use of this knowledge? A few years ago obtaining a patient’s genomic sequence was cost-prohibitive and the clinical application was not detailed based on the genetic information obtained. But today real clinical applications and guidance are available to improve patient health and wellbeing.

During this workshop participants will examine these cutting-edge applications as well as the quickly evolving research surrounding the science of omics.


  • Define the similarities and differences between the fields of genetics and genomics.
  • Examine the influences that affect gene expression including epigenetics, transgenerational epigenetics, endogenous transcription factors and proper sequencing of gene expression from gene to small molecule.
  • Explore the technical aspects and challenges to the laboratory sciences of OMICS.
  • Review CPIC guidelines and clinical application.
  • Review various genetic and epigenetic reports and their interpretation.
  • Review various genetic information regarding methylation, detoxification, metabolism pathways and way to influence wellness with actional steps to modify disease states.
  • Review specific genetic analysis for estrogen metabolism, inflammation, diet

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OMICS: The Next Revolution in Medicine