Olga Aguilera, MD

Olga Aguilera, MD

Olga Aguilera MD, C.H.T. is the Medical Director of the Hyperbaric & Anti-Aging Medical Center in Santa Barbara, CA. obtained her MD degree (Doctor in Medicine) at the University Autonomous of Mexico City in 1983 at the age of 21, also completed her specialty in Integral Medicine /Family Practice in 1986, later she accomplished a fellowship in Epidemiology and Public Health 1988.

In U.S., she was trained in Neuro-immuno-Toxicology and Hyperbaric Medicine since 1995 and became certified Hyperbaric Medical Practitioner in 2008 at the National Polytechnic College of Science in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Aguilera is a bilingual physician (Spanish – English) active in Hyperbaric Medicine and Regenerative & Functional Medicine in the present, she also has been very active in medical research and has been a co-author with Dr. Gunnar Heuser in many peers reviewed medical publications.

She became an associate at the Neuromed and Neurotox Medical group with Dr. Gunnar Heuser at Agoura Hills California from 1994 to 2008, where she got the opportunity to collaborate with patient care as well with multiple Research Projects in the department of Neuro-immuno-toxicology & Hyperbaric Medicine.

In 2008 Dr. Aguilera founded the Hyperbaric Medical & Anti-aging Center in Santa Barbara California, where she has been the Medical Director up to the present.

Besides Hyperbaric Medicine, Dr. Aguilera has particular interest in anti-aging and Cellular Medicine, her first participation as a co-author at the International Congress of Anti-aging Medicine in USA was in the year 2000, where she discovered her real passion in this medical field. During the last 21 years she has studied skin care cellular therapies and the cutting-edge formulas for skin care & cell rejuvenation. Her previews experience in chemical toxicity has helped her significantly to develop her own organic skin care line company called “OJARI by Dr. Olga” that has been designed especially for the conscious population to fulfill their needs without delivering body toxins through the cosmetics.

Dr. Aguilera has lectured at multiple Universities, Colleges and Centres throughout U.S.A., Europe and Latino America. She has appeared in US television, local magazines.